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    Are most regulators created equal?

    I bought a cheap one (dual) It’s exactly that, cheap. Doesn’t hold pressure for either system it’s hooked up to
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    Michigan IPB-16S

    Withdrawn at this point
  3. verboten

    Michigan Anvil 7.5, chillers

    Withdrawn at this point
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    Make your own beer, they said. You'll save money, they said.

    Yeah, my tap tower cost more than my daily driver car. 🤷‍♂️
  5. verboten

    Michigan Anvil 7.5, chillers

    Decided to get rid of all of my anvils. that means I’m back to 2 left
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    Michigan IPB-16S

  7. verboten

    Michigan Chapman 14 Gallon ported with cooling and TC

    All messages responded Cheers!
  8. verboten

    BCS 462

    Dang, wish I had seen this, my BCS doesn't have enough outputs
  9. verboten

    Automation for 10-12 litres?

    I really don’t want to change my opinion, I guess that is why it’s my opinion. can you, sure, your rig looks nice.
  10. verboten

    Conical Sizing Dilemma!

    I went CF15 because I make my pilsner and cream ale in 15 gallon batches, most everything else is 10 gallon batches
  11. verboten

    Notable/interesting hippo combos?

    I tend to avoid hippos if possible.
  12. verboten

    Questions about dairy in alcholic beverages

    something like Alton Browns Egg Nog Recipe that is really good after aging for a month or more?
  13. verboten

    Michigan Spike+ 15 gallon mash tun kettle

    Sold, thank you! Will send out ASAP!
  14. verboten

    Automation for 10-12 litres?

    Just curious, what are you looking to automate? I looked into automating things, but even at the brewery there isn't much to automate, we still turn things on and off, and open valves by pushing buttons instead of turning them. IMO, there isn't much to automate at 3 gallons.