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    I am currently fermenting Ovaltine.

    next time instead of hops, boil it with some spam. i don't know why, but whenever I hear of ovaltine, i think of spam.
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    Conditioning.....Fact vs Fiction

    my recent results: milk stout - amazing at 2-3 months (best beer i've made by far and even non beer drinkers liked it), now at 7-8 months it's certainly taking a turn for the worse. I thought a nice roasty stout would age better than this. Black IPA - had a pretty significant twang early on at...
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    GE 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer - FCM7SUWW for $168 w/ FS

    Found this deal on slickdeals for those looking for a chest freezer. GE 7.0 CF at home depot with free shipping $168.
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    DFH 120 Min:)

    i had some 120 for the first time a few weeks ago on tap. i didn't like it at all. horrible alcohol bite and way to sweet. i wonder if it was just too young. i'll have to try and get a bottle and age it.
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    My Birthday

    I second a RIS. I'm gonna make one of the giant ones listed in the recipe section probably one of these: Kate the Great Dark Night of the Soul HBT RIS I'm thinking i'll make it in November and try to let it sit for a year to start drinking in a year on my 30th. But from reading the different...
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    My Birthday

    crap i was born in 82 also. oh wait, good thing for november birthdays, still have to hit 29
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    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    I just harvested this from a power strip. Should I keep the circuit breaker or lop it off?
  8. plug


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    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    do I need to put a fuse on this? I've seen some builds with fuses built in and others without it. Not sure if it's necessary or not. Would a power strip with a surge protector work just as well?
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    Using a pasta maker to mill grain.

    I had mine set at 4 and it took about 45 minutes to go through 4.5lbs. moved the setting larger (i think 3) and it took about 15 minutes to go through another 5.5lbs. crush still looked good and overall i hit around 75% eff on my 1st batch with it
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    Ranco controller, Chiller, Igloo mash tun, more...

    Not sure what you have left. But I'd be interested in the chiller and ranco and could pick them up. Maybe one of the carboys also.
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    Sweet Stout Deception Cream Stout

    opened my first few bottles of this last night. a bit early, only 1.5 weeks in the bottle, but had to bring some to a party. best batch i've made so far. awesome roasty flavor and residual sweetness. used safale 05 for this and it came out perfect. 3 people who don't like beer at all, really...
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    Homemade Counter Flow Chiller

    Ouch. I've looked at making one of these and with the shipping it doesn't make much sense to buy. Thanks though. On a side note, do you like how this works?
  15. snow145532

    Homemade Counter Flow Chiller

    How much to ship to 17033?