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    St Petersburg, Florida Water

    Hi all, I am heading to st Petersburg in manatee county this weekend to brew a couple of my recipes on my uncle's pilot system so I was curious how others may have treated the water in that area. I'm familiar with basic practices for dealing with hard and alkaline water but I have the...
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    Wrench for cornys?

    Order placed. Thanks all, I am really looking forward to easily getting these posts off and cleaned properly!
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    Wrench for cornys?

    What is the best kind of wrench to use to screw and unscrew the gas and liquid post fittings on a corny keg? I have a couple kegs that the wrench I have just will not unscrew them and I need to get them off to replace the 0-rings. Any recommendations welcome. Thanks!
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    Diacetyl Cover Up???

    I brewed a beer for a friend's wedding party that has a diacetyl problem and he wants to serve it tonight. I would rather dump it but I am just hoping to make the best of this situation. The beer is quite hoppy so the diacetyl is not crazy overpowering but it is definitely there and just...
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    Thoughts on Black Ale Recipe

    +1 to that
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    Thoughts on Black Ale Recipe

    Here are a couple notes. I am not a schwarzbier expert but am a bjcp judge so I am familiar with the style. First, a couple questions : What is your batch size and what is your efficiency? If you don't know your efficiency, what is your mashing process? *That seems like a lot of dark munich...
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    Adding Whole Pieces of clementine/orange Impact

    I am planning on brewing a clementine or orange IPA depending on what my grocer has. I do not want the peel or rind involved, just the fruit itself so my plan is to add it at the end of the boil and let it steep while I whirlpool for 15 min. I might also put some in the hopback but the whirlpool...
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    Whole chopped orange to boil?

    How did this one turn out? I want to do an IPA with some orange flavor. I am not looking to use the zest and was just going to add the chopped orange as you did so I am curious how much you used and how it tunred out.
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    Cloudy IPA

    Yes, that is a good point and the amount of oxygen is definitely very small. I definitely do not think it is something to worry about, just wanted to explain why that was what I suggested as an option. It is more of a personal process preference.
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    Cloudy IPA

    Yes, that would work. You can also add the finings and then move it to the cold room. This is the method that I always use. I am not going to list my awards in IPAs to validate my opinion here but my reasoning for this is as follows: When adding the gelatin/water mixture, you are inevitably...
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    End of fermentation?

    I understand not wanting to take the gravity as I do not like to go to this extra hassle myself drawing beer from carboys but rushing a beer and also not taking the gravity is not a recipe for success. There are many factors that could influence the time it will take your pale to finish so you...
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    Perplexed - no fermentation activity

    Since you said lid, I assume this is in a bucket? Buckets do not always have the best seal and I have noticed when I use them, I rarely see airlock activity because the co2 is able to escape. It seems like your beer probably fermented and you wasted money on all that extra yeast. I am with the...
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    Best bottle shop in Manhattan/Brooklyn

    Brouwerij Lane, Breukelen Bier Merchants, The Sampler, Bierkraft in Brooklyn In Manhattan, Top Hops, New Beer Distributors, Whole Foods Beer Store on Houston are all very solid options There are many more but that is just off the top of my head
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    East Coast Yeast Baltic Lager Strain ECY22

    Has anyone out there used this strain? I recently acquired this strain and am looking for any feedback out there. Thanks!
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    Cloudy IPA

    I agree with sweetcell. Try it once and if you don't like it, you can adjust by adding more though I doubt you notice a difference in the hope aroma. I used to be a big time pro-secondary guy until I tried primary only and realized I was wasting my time. It seems this thread got turned into...