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    Tower at kitchn sink

    Put the corney keg in a bucket. Fill the bucket with ice. You'll pull cold beer no problem. Replace the ice when you want to drink that day or evening. I use re-freezeable freezer blocks, you cold probably use cold packs or frozen water bottles, etc... It has worked fine for me. In the...
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    A B'armoire Build - My Lil' Piece of Heaven

    Bravo. Looks damn nice.
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    Fermentation chamber

    Refer would probably be fine. Use a dual stage temp controller. For cooling, power the fridge, for heating, power a heat source in the fridge. Say a light bulb or a space heater.
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    Fermentor Advice

    My sig has a link to a thread that has some math that might help you figure out your insulation and cooling needs.
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    saw question

    I have the floor model band saw you linked, and I think it provides a great value. I cut metal with it, but also wood on occasion. You can lock it upright and mod up a table on it, so you can do more free hand cuts if you like. I don't have a portaband, but hot damn they are super awesome...
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    ranger ipa...

    I like hops and IPA's, but to be honest, I don't care for Ranger at all. Just not the right malt / hop profile my taste buds want I guess. Honestly I'm not the hugest fan of New Belgium's products, so it didn't surprise me that I didn't like it.
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    My Fermentation Chamber Build

    Nice, close in dimensions to the eventual build I want to do.. So many things to do.. so little time...
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    Help me build a fermentation chamber!

    There is a link in my sig to a thread that discusses ferm chambers, R-values, mini-fridges, etc.. It lays out some average numbers for mini fridge outputs. Might have some info for you.
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    My son is going to ruin my pale ale

    I'm not advocating one way or the other about vodka in the air lock, but I have to ask, do you have children? I've got a 3 year old that is a bit of a terror and loves to go where he shouldn't and loves to make a mess of things.
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    People who've had their stands powercoated (or not just paint): need advice.

    Don't a lot of people just turn on the burners to bake it on? I'm assuming most people don't have ovens that big, except for maybe powder coaters :) People have used it, to seemingly success. Good to have experience chime in here ....
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    People who've had their stands powercoated (or not just paint): need advice.

    When I read the first post, I interpreted it as saying that the powder coat-er was concerned that the powder coat, once applied, would not hold up to the heat generated by the burners when the stand is used. Then the OP would be upset if the coat flaked off or chipped, or failed, or whatever...
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    Keggles for sale

    Sounds like a good deal price wise.
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    Question about sparging

    That's basically what my current plan is moving forward, except instead of draining the mash into the bucket, I'll drain the HLT/BK into my old kettle. Then drain the Mash into the HLT/BK. Then dump the hot water from the old kettle into the mash and do a single batch sparge.
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    Question about sparging

    I'm gonna try this to start out with I think: At end of mash drain heated sparge water into my old 7.5 gal pot, drain the MLT into the BK, dump the sparge water from the 3rd vessel, into the MLT. Mix it up and let it sit for 10 or so, then drain that into the BK. Too bad though... It brings in...