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    New York Grainfather chiller and fermenter

    These are located around Saratoga New York. Both the chiller and the fermenter are in excellent condition. I used the chiller 2x. I did a few lagers with it. It works really well. It’s less than 4 months old. I have used the fermenter about 6x. I will include extra o-rings and seals that I...
  2. porter1974

    Schwarzbier Water Profile Help

    I’d still end up with a high PH and then almost no bicarbonate. So you would lean toward scraping the Munich Dark profile? I did an Oktoberfest using the decarbonated Munich and loved it. I could use that profile.
  3. porter1974

    Schwarzbier Water Profile Help

    I am trying to make get RO water to an appropriate mineral content. I am using the Munich Dark Lager profile from Brewer's Friend as a goal. Calcium 82 Magnesium 20 Sodium 4 Chloride 2 Sulfate 16 Bicarbonate 320 Grain Bill: Pilsner 7.5 lb Munich 10L 2 lb Carafa II 8 oz Crystal 60 6 oz...
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    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    I am kind of torn. I do love the Grainfather fermenter because the heating and cooling is built in. That’s a plus over the ssbrewtech fermenters. And as I have 2 Grainfather fermenters I am kind of locked in. Parts aren’t easy to come by though. I had to order some replacement o rings from a...
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    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    Could it really finally be available!!
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    IPA hop combo help

    I am working on a new recipe. I intend to add a small amount of bittering hops in the last few minutes of the boil and then whirlpool and dry hop. I like this method. I have some Galaxy and Tahoma hops that I plan to use but want to use one more hop. I can pick from Cascade, Alpha Aroma...
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    NEIPA Help

    I second this. I keg onto StarSan foam all the time.
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    NEIPA Help

    I think you just need to blow out a few more pints. And let it carb more.
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    Violent Scoby

    I bought the barrel used from someone who had been using it for kombucha. I think it was bought new and only ever used for kombucha. It’s been used so many times I don’t think the oak is contributing any flavor. I used some blueberries in a few, some ginger and some lime zest. The lime zest...
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    Wanted to thank everybody for their help. This beer turned out fantastic. I used a total of 17 ounces of hops! All but one one ounce were added via whirlpool or dry hop. I did get some hop debris in my keg. I have a conical fermenter so this usually isn’t a problem. As I was taking the beer...
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    Violent Scoby

    First batch from my new used oak barrel.
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    Violent Scoby

    Has anybody ever been attacked by a large SCOBY? Sometimes I think it’s watching me.
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    Cannabis infusion

    I don’t know about CBD. It seems pretty useless and the marketing is so aggressive. If you want to take it why ruin your kombucha.
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    Dry hop creep / Diacetyl in IPA

    Stepping up the temp to 70ish for a few days after your beer is mostly fermented will clean it up.