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    What Exactly Is Happening Here?

    I think I run in to this exact issue with my beers as well!! When I taste the beer before kegging and carbonation, just straight from the fermenter, its usually fantastic and I'm excited for when it's cold and carb'd. However after force carbonating, I find that it develops a dish-raggy twang...
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    Hmmm what to brew next.....

    Just bottled a golden strong of my own and there's not much different. Just the addition of either Belgian candy sugar or plain table sugar and make sure you use the right yeast. I used White Labs WLP570.
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    Hmmm what to brew next.....

    Barleywine, Belgian Golden Strong, a Scottish style of some sort?
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    Brewing my first Hefe Saturday...

    Thanks guys. I picked up everything tonight for the brew. Ended up getting wlp300 and 1lb of rice hulls. Starter is done and ready to start doin its thing. So just waiting on Saturday. Ill probably save half the hulls for my rye-pa next so hopefully I don't get a stuck a stuck mash. Any more...
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    Brewing my first Hefe Saturday...

    Hey all, As the title states, I am brewing my first Hefeweizen this weekend and I'm looking to see if there is anything I should watch out for, or things that I should do differently to help make a better beer. I havent picked up my yeast yet so those suggestions would be appreciated as well...
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    Stout , nitrogen tap

    Depends on the beer. Most stouts and porters you can get away without a secondary. Its only when its an imperial or oaked, added flavoring, etc that secondaries are strongly recommended. Ultimately it's up to you.
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    Adding coffee to my stout

    Any time I've ever used coffee I've steeped it at flameout. Seem's to work well. I'm planning on trying the cold brewing in secondary or addition before bottling though.
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    Beer fridge happy

    Looks pretty similar to my beer fridge, minus the Miller of course. Although there are a few Keystones in mine......:o Guilty pleasure... However, my fridge is smaller so definitely full..:rockin:
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    Winter is gone

    Gotcha, I know exactly where that is actually. Thanks!
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    East Coast, Rodanthe NC Trip in March. What should I Try??

    charronstout After posting I did a little research and planned on stopping at the Brewing Station as well as Full Moon. Since Full Moon is slightly closer and highly recommended by yourself (the owner of course), I'll see you the last week in March! I'm always interested in a good British...
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    Winter is gone

    First of all, as many have said, there is plenty of awesome beer brewed here in the Dairy State. I would like to second the trip to O'so but would like to add Central Waters. I have since moved from Stevens Point up to Wausau but I used to freguent both establishments. Next, you can always...
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    Brew Day set for tomorrow. Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone, Suggestions??

    I don't really mind the coffee taste in the original but maybe I'll dial it back a little so it's not overpowering the whole beer. Thanks guys!
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    Brew Day set for tomorrow. Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone, Suggestions??

    So tomorrow I'm going to be brewing the common Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone recipe that is found both on here and on BYO. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or issues that they have run in to when brewing this clone? I know it is a fairly common beer to clone so just trying to avoid...
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    Barley Wine - 3 Gallon

    Barleywines should usually be no more than 14% specialty grain and the rest base malts. You currently are right at 14% so that shouldn't be an issue. My only concern is the use of Flaked Oats. I would maybe suggest substituting a Vienna Malt or Aromatic Malt instead. It should still give the...
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    What's the most expensive beer you've seen or drank?

    I also paid about $25 for a bottle of Founder's Bolt Cutter 15th Anniversary Barleywine. It was pretty delicious IMO. Although there was a lot of hype about it.