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  1. niquejim

    Drunk Owl Mango

    Try it before you add the mangos, but if it tastes good go for it
  2. niquejim

    Higher ABV Sours

    My last version of went from 1.091 to 1.001 with WLP 650. AS carbonated as the bottle are I assume that it has dropped more in the bottle
  3. niquejim

    What are you reading?

    Small Favor...the 10th book in the Dresden File
  4. niquejim

    Drunk Owl Mango

    The local craft brewery asked if they could try this :ban::mug:
  5. niquejim

    Dry Aged Beef

    Here is a good read
  6. niquejim

    Drunk Owl Mango

    I finally did this the way I originally intended...BIG The brewhouse eff. was 82% Batch 9.5 gallons Boil 13 gallons 10 lbs Pilsner 8 lbs 2-row 4 lbs Sugar .75 oz Northern Brewer(10.6aau) @60 .5 each Saaz and Strian Goldings @ 20 and 10 pitched directly onto WLP 650 7-10...
  7. niquejim

    Belgian Quad FG=1.038

    Add some brett
  8. niquejim

    Batch sparge with mash out

    10-15 minutes is not long enough to cause this problem. What is your mash temp and is your thermometer calibrated. This sounds like too low of a mash temp
  9. niquejim

    Hunahpu Day Meetup

    I may be mistaken but the local breweries that just opened near me definately don't believe it's what they want. If they don't have a license by July 01 of this year they will not be able to have a tap room. If they ever wish to expand they could most likely lose their tap room...
  10. niquejim

    Hunahpu Day Meetup

    It was done at the "request" of a major distributor
  11. niquejim

    Florida homebrewers

    I've already posted this on the Florida forum, but I want to reach as many people as possible. There was a law introduced Monday in the Florida legislature that will hurt craft brewing and discourage any homebrewer from opening their own shop or expanding ones already in existance...
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    Hunahpu Day Meetup

    If this new law that was introduced Monday passes the "tasting room" of every brewery in the state may become a thing of the past What this law states is that...
  13. niquejim

    Florida craft brew fans, help needed

    If you live in Florida and want to see the state grow in craft breweries, then call your Congressman and tell them to vote down this legislation Urgent Call to Action: In 2012, Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R- Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel), campaigned to go to Tallahassee to reduce...