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    Fermzilla Conical (Fermentasaurus Gen 2) and Minibrew 6.5xe

    I'm probably going to end up getting 2 of these things just in case I like them. If I'm going to be doing both primary and secondary in them, they are going to be tied up. I'll end up going with more beer site this weekend. Can't wait
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    Fermzilla Conical (Fermentasaurus Gen 2) and Minibrew 6.5xe

    I was looking at the Fermzilla a few days ago and it's definitely on my list. I chatted with a sales guy from a online place that sells them and he is looking at September or October so that is a ways off. But this would be perfect I think.
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    How many gallons of cider 2019?

    1 gallon black cherry 337 + 1 = 338
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    Maple Pecan Cider?

    You gotta let me know how this turns out if you do it.
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    Dry Yeast Rehydration

    So has anyone noticed go ferm protect having a bad odor? These past 2 times I've used it, it seems it doesn't smell very pleasant to me.
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    How many gallons of cider 2019?

    So I'm trying my blueberry cider again this time using a homemade blueberry/BlackBerry syrup I made. Going to experiment with the backsweeten with some Knudsen blueberry juice and maple syrup mixture 300 + 3 = 303
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    Your favorite cider flavor combos

    I've been pretty happy with old orchard so far. Didn't care for their strawberry rhubarb concentrate though. But it could have been that it was my first attempt at wine and I made it way too sweet. Was trying to go old school and make a strawberry hill lol.
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    Apple season is coming!!! Q's about presses

    I know you are wanting to do your own but I just found out a local cider/meadery is looking into an expensive press and said they plan on offering their services to those with their own apples to grind and press. Just throwing that out there. On a side note, you mentioning the equator, I live...
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    Your favorite cider flavor combos

    I did a cherry with half tart cherry juice and half apple juice. Its still sitting but its definitely on the tart side for taste. I'm actually redoing a blueberry cider that was decent but flavor wasnt there. going to start a 2/3 blueberry 1/3 blackberry syrup tomorrow and see what happens with...
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    Cider Stalled

    RPh guy, I just read your response to maylar and the last part might be my case. I ferment in my basement where it is normally in low 60s. Nottingham range is 57-70. Description said that notty is highly flocculant so maybe I need to ferment in higher temp next time. It is pretty much cleared...
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    Cider Stalled

    Rph guy, im using a triple scale i bought from my lhbs. Blacksmith, what do you mean by temp corrections?
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    Cider Yeast Selection

    was just watching a youtube with Michael of moonlight meadery. He mentions that he uses 71B for both his meads and ciders. I use it for my meads and wine but never for ciders. I currently have one on my cyser but would love to try it on my next cider. One thing he says homebrewers get wrong is...
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    Cider Stalled

    Im glad im not the only one that this is happening to. I have a cherry cider using S-04 that got to 1.014 in less than a week (started at 1.057) but only dropped to 1.012 in the past week so i racked it. Same thing with a couple ciders i have using nottingham. The blueberry only started at...
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    Peach Mango

    so Im sitting here drinking a very young peach mango cider i started early last month using old orchard peach mango juice and a couple peach mango concentrate cans. After primary getting stuck around 1.014 i decided to rack it onto another concentrate can and a handful of frozen organic peaches...
  15. MiBeerMan

    Hoped and bourbon barrel ciders

    I can't see aging a cider to long in bourbon barrels