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    Leaking Liquid Connector

    Where are they leaking from - where the connection is being made to the post, or through the seal at the top where you can open the connector with a flathead screwdriver??
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    First time making beer, what next?

    But then how will they bottle condition the beer? When fermentation restarts in the bottles the extra sugar will get eaten and could cause nasty bottle bombs. If OP was kegging, it could work, but I don't think they are.
  3. marc1

    First time making beer, what next?

    You can cold crash for a days/weeks if you want. But if you're bottling you shouldn't do it until the beer is completely done fermenting
  4. marc1

    First time making beer, what next?

    Are you sure it's done?
  5. marc1

    stringing up a IC

    @bracconiere - you don't stir while chilling?! That cuts a ton of time off. Highly recommended. A big spoon, or mash paddle, or the like works great, no pump needed. Some gentle mixing to keep everything moving around is all that's needed (pumps are great too, but not necessary).
  6. marc1

    competition for ugliest immersion chiller

    LOL at the idea of an immersion chiller to be used on horses 🤮 I made a "parallel pipe" counterflow chiller, because I wanted to be able to get inside to check and clean it.
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    Flying internationally!???

    What are you referring to? According to the AHA website it is not statutorily recognized. I don't see anything about transportation: Although I guess there's some issues that they are trying to work out...
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    Two Month Break

    I've got a keg of fizzy water and it's awesome. You can play around with the mineralization so there's still stuff to tweak and keep yourself interested
  9. marc1

    Two Month Break

    Make sure that you aren't taking medication that could also be causing this issue. If you drink alcohol frequently, you shouldn't take acetaminophen. Your liver adapts to drinking alcohol by increasing an enzyme that it uses to break down your drinks. That enzyme also breaks down acetaminophen...
  10. marc1

    Brewdog IPA Way too high mashing temp

    You could also add glucoamylase to your fermenter. It will let the yeast dry the beer out completely, down to 1.000 or so.
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    BIAB and sparging

    I do 10 gallon batches and sparge by using a hoist to move the grain bag to a second pot with the sparge water in it. Stir it up good, let it sit a few minutes, and hoist it back out again.
  12. marc1

    Deculming gadget

    When I roasted coffee, I would cool it with a sieve put into a hole in a cardboard box, with the shop vac blower put tightly into another hole on the side. Maybe something like this could work? Scoop some grain into the sieve, let the rootlets fly off, dump the clean grain and then add another...
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    Deculming gadget

    I see no link...
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    Home Projects

    Lots of stuff going on. Redoing part of the bathroom, and the contractor says I should check out the vent fan (they were doing window removal/replacement). When the house was built, the workers ran the vent duct through the ceiling to the wall and left it there, venting into the ceiling (no...
  15. marc1

    Bought an extract kit by accident

    A BIAB bag and a hoist makes the false bottom/filter unnecessary. Mash in the pot, sparge in the cooler?