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    Contactor hum

    Nature of the beast. If you want silence use DC coils.
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    Grainfather G70 in the U.S.

    Heavy discounts coming to a shop near you soon...
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    3 word story

    Inserting up his
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    Yes we have it in 11g packs.
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    Christmas Gift-50% OFF for Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi Temperature Controller, $24.99 can get one

    Again, why is it just the US & Canada?? These are 61 USD each at the current exchange rate on amazon for us.
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    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    That’s stained and sticky carpets.
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    Meet Dexter, our medium haired rescue moggie enjoying his new pampered life.
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    Nice deal on Millar's mill

    When I emailed him he said he still sold them but was having issues with the site.
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    Tilt hydrometer

    I prepare my iSpindel V4, it as accurate but seems to produce a much smoother curve, it’s WiFi and rechargeable.
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    Which of these ruined my batch?

    Nothing above has caused issues for me. Is your FV plastic? If so maybe time for a new one and a new set of hoses. Do you have any valves that haven’t been disassembled and soaked? Edit, you carboys are large glass demijohns I think...