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    Out of the game for 3 years, about to do a new recipe

    a hopped farmhouse cider. Looking to get fresh unfiltered cider from Costco or something, ferment with a kveik yeast strain and hope the cider with something nice to give it a bit of complexity. Quick turn as the kveik strains will ferment fully in a few days. Any idea for hop type or rate...
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    Quinoa for Head Retention?

    How did you prepare the quinoa again? Steeped it in the mash or the beer or what?
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    Quinoa for Head Retention?

    Looks like bulk whole white quinoa at Sprouts is only $3.50 per lb. Wonder if one could just cereal mash it and add it to the bigger mash and get the same effect without having to do the $5.50/lb flaked option...
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    Quinoa for Head Retention?

    So haven't brewed since the springtime, but am planning a brew for the next week or two. While visiting the store, i noticed some new malts and grains including flaked quinoa. The say on the page that flaked quinoa helps with head retention but doesn't contribute...
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    Chechnya on The Session (The BN)

    There was a session episode in the last 12 months where the Chechnya bit went on for a good 20 minutes and i almost wet myself. Anyone remember which episode it was?!
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    Arizona Blichmann Kettles, BrewEasy Adapter, Therminator

    Hello all. I have the following for sale after an upgrade to a 10gal system: 1) 10 gal 220v electric Blichmann G2 kettle. Includes power cable. ($425) 2) 7.5 gal Blichmann G2 kettle with false bottom ($310) 3) 5 gal Blichmann BrewEasy adapter collar and 1/2" quick connect barbed fittings ($120)...
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    When to add acids?

    Ok, Water question. When should liquid acid (lactic or phosphoric) be added to the mash....prior to dough in and heating, after heating but prior to dough in, or after dough in?
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    Blichmann BrewEasy

    Have you verified the temp of wort coming into the mash tun via the autosparge? If you have a good thermometer that you trust, the outflow from the autosparge should be within 1*F of the temp reading on the TOP unit. Also remember that multiple temp readings from different spots in the mash...
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    What I did for beer today

    Hit target mash pH. My buddy from the club supplied a generous pitch of 029 from his 5 gal kolsch batch. should work perfectly in this 11gal, 1.048 blond ale!
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    Rice vs. Millet for base malt

    Anyone have opinions on this? I've used pale millet malt for the first 4 batches I've done, but I'm interested in trying either a mixed base malt grist and full rice malt base to see if the flavors are a bit less sweet than full on millet....
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    Illinois Blichmann Stuff

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    Blichmann BrewEasy

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    So I joined the AHA

    Yeah! Make a point to make it to homebrew con soon! It's a blast!
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    Water Adjustments - How much is too much

    Sorry to hijack....Lately I've simplified my water treatments to RO and shooting for a sulfate to chloride ratio appropriate to style while targeting a total calcium level of about 50ppm. Then I add lactic as needed for ph. when shooting for dryer beers, if one amps up the sulfate from say...
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    I think I might brew today...

    how about a rye american brown? those can be hoppy and you have a bit of chocolate, munich, and c40 for the color.