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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    BSEE from Michigan Tech, 2005 Currently a Microelectronics Process Engineer for an automotive company
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    Blichmann Top Tier - Manifold routing question

    Just finished installing the propane gas manifold on my Blichmann Top Tier, and I have a question for you guys regarding the positioning of the gas supply line for the second tier. Take a look at this picture: Is the proximity to the...
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    Roasted Barley - how much is too much in an Imperial Stout?

    It's a tried and true recipe so I would go with it without any tweaks. The Special B will provide a nice sweet dark-fruit flavor to balance the roast, and in my opinion Imperial Stouts should be MEAN. Roast Barley is a great way to achieve that...brew it up.
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    Do you stabilize a beer for storage?

    Top it off with CO2! Purge the keg with CO2 while it's still empty (i.e. pressurize it, pull the release valve, pressurize it, pull the release, etc.) then rack to the keg. After it's racked, repeat the first step of pressurizing and pulling the release a couple times, and you'll have a CO2...
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    Hopsdirect Quality (not price) Issue

    Speaking of Hopsdirect, does anybody know when their 2010 pellet hops are going to be available?
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    Weird floaters?

    My vote goes towards coagulated proteins. I read in Radical Brewing something to the effect that sometimes chill haze is intense enough that the proteins will coagulate. I've seen it multiple times in some of Bell's beers, especially their pale ale. Regardless, nothing to worry about.
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    post fermentation temp question

    Wait, is the room 64 ambient, or 77 ambient? Where did you get the 64 degrees reading from?
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    Repitching record?

    That's pretty impressive...I would hazard a guess that after that many repitches, you would have noticed that the yeast is at least somewhat different than the original strain, especially in terms of flocculation. Have you noticed any major differences? Also, something wild to think about...
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    Lots of science article on beer including...

    I'd be interested in a way to preserve hop flavor, which I believe is unrelated to oxidation. Anyone that has grabbed a year old bottle of any DIPA knows exactly what I'm talking about; they take on this almost "sweet tea-ish" flavor that is extremely recognizable. Gone is the citrusy aroma...
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    Not Hop 100

    Everything I've ever read about Carapils states that it doesn't contribute anything in terms of flavor, but only adds body and head retention. Is that in dispute? It is certainly different than the other crystal malts in regards to the texture and appearance of the grain itself; Carapils...
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    simpsons dark crystal = ? in beersmith

    According to Brewmasters Warehouse, Simpsons Dark Crystal is 75L, and Simpsons EXTRA Dark Crystal is 160L. Also, my copy of Beersmith has Simpsons Dark Crystal (listed at 80L)...are you sure yours doesn't as well?
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    San Diego Breweries?

    Holy ****...Jeremy?
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    New Holland Clone?

    Our local brewing club meets at New Holland's brewing facility once a month ( Jacob, their brewer, usually hangs out with us for a while and takes people back to the fermentation room to get yeast off of their conicals. I could probe for some Poet/Night...
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    Hopslam clone

    I HIGHLY recommend culturing yeast from a bottle of Bell's beer (Amber, Oberon, or Best Brown). They have a proprietary strain that is ridiculous in terms of it's attenuation. I did a Hopslam clone a while back, and Bell's yeast took it from 1.100 to 1.016 effortlessly, mashed at 154F.
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    New Holland Clone?

    I can't help either of you on Poet or Night Tripper, but I can help with Dragon's Milk if anyone was looking for that: Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.41 gal Estimated OG: 1.086 SG Estimated Color: 27.9 SRM Estimated IBU: 33.4 IBU...