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    Ohio Electric Control Panel

    How’s it going. Yes I do still have the panel.
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    Ohio Electric Control Panel

    Sorry man. I’m up near Cleveland. No plans to come down to the Queen City anytime soon.
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    Ohio Electric Control Panel

    I’m building a new controller using a RPi and touchscreen for my new brew room. When I decided to move up to a larger kettle and go electric I bought parts from Auberins and Ebrewsupply for my panel. Panel is a Auberins B252015 (10x8x6) that consists of: Auberins Ezboil 320 Ebrewsupply 40A...
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    More Beer Temp and Float

    The Ranco temp/float has been sold.
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    More Beer Temp and Float

    Wrapping up my home brewery build and getting rid of some items I no longer need. All items are new and unused. More Beer Temp & Float. Building a temp controller using craftbeer pi so that I can monitor temps via my server. $150 shipped...
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    AliExpress - any experiences?

    Bought my kettle off Ali. 20 gallon with clad bottom. Same as SS Brewtech/Spike. Shipping took three weeks but it was cheaper than their cheapest 10 gallon. Package came in with a small dent at the bottom from transit. Seller gave me back a few bucks for the hassle. Total cost with shipping and...
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    I’ve had good luck using these for brewing and reef keeping.