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    Suggestions Please.. Stout

    Hey Gang I recently brewed a dry stout. 10 Gallons split into 2X 5 gallons batches. 1 am am going to leave as is. The other I would like to add something to secondary . Some sort of flavaour and I am looking for your suggestions.. Here is the recipe 15lbs 2 row 2 lbs flaked barely 3 lbs...
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    1/2 batch smoked help

    So I am brewing an 11 gallon porter. I wanted to make 5.5 gallons plain and the other 5.5 gallons a smoked vanilla bourbon barrel porter just because . I know how to add the vanilla and bourbon barrel flavours and here how i was going to add the smoked part. I was going to do a sort of mini...
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    Saf Ale -04 - Cream Ale

    My local home brew store was closed and all I had on hand was a package of Saf ale 04. I used it for the Cream of 3 crops recipe . Any idea what i should expect? Fermenting away after 12 hours at 65 F. Ive used it in the past and had some fruit flavours but I am not sure if it was the...
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    Cask to Liquor tank

    how much could i sell it for? and where could I sell it? I live in canada.
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    Canada 9 Gallon Cask/firkin

    Asking $100 or will trade for stainless hot liquor tank.
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    Cask to Liquor tank

    Ok so I was kijiji and I i saw a keg with "make an offer". I said $20 and the guy said sure! Turns out i drove half and hour to get to his house and it turned out to be a cask... with a big ol bung hole. I was hoping to turn the keg into a liquor tank. I am hoping for advice. Do you think I...
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    Ideas for next Batch? Help!

    Hey guys looking for some help on what to Brew next. I always struggle with this... Not sure if anyone else does too. Its like writers block, i guess you could call it Brewers Block.. Right now on tap I have: Simple Cider Czech Pilsner Black lager Oatmeal Stout on deck I have a scaled...
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    Dry Hopping advice - Citra , Cascade or Amarillo?

    Brett - for sure. I tasted the hydrometer sample and it was a bit more bitter than I really wanted. I think the 40 minute edition would have been better at flame out. Here is what i am thinking For the nottingham batch - Add 1 oz cascade dry hop For the saf 05 - Add 1 oz citra .5 amarillo...
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    Dry Hopping advice - Citra , Cascade or Amarillo?

    red llama , do you use both at the same time? if so what amount for a 5 gal batch?
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    Dry Hopping advice - Citra , Cascade or Amarillo?

    kh54st - did you dry hop with amarillo? I've read that it can cause a cat pee smell. I only read that once. But it has scared me....
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    Dry Hopping advice - Citra , Cascade or Amarillo?

    Hey Guys .. So I brewed up a 10 gallon batch of an amarillo pale ale hop schedule 1 oz (aus) Galaxy 60 mins .5oz ammarilo 40 mins .5 oz amarillo 20 mins .5 oz amarillo 10 mins .5 oz amarillo 5 mins Malt 15lbs 2 row 1 lb crystal 40 1lb wheat .5 lb carapils OG 1.048 I split the...
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    Taps - Canada

    I am looking to add 2 more taps (gas/beer lines connections etc). Who has the best prices for this online in canada? Thanks for the help.
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    How long to ferment cider?

    and im bottling thanks for the help!
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    How long to ferment cider?

    using lav 1118
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    How long to ferment cider?

    So.. first batch of cider form pressed mcintosh apples. I have 3 gallon and OG was 1.056. I want a dry cider but not too dry. An ABV percentage no higher than 6 or so... What would anyones recommendation be for FG or length of fermentation. I have it sitting at 66F. Thanks for the help...