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    Which yeast is your favorite dry yeast for making mead?

    or worse, a man bun and carrying a murse....
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    I've never tried them but given the viscosity of honey vs. DME, I"m going to guess no(just my opinion - not based on any experience with them) - only because it wouldn't disperse as readily through the honey. Even at a full rolling boil, honey is still really viscous
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    Sanitizing Fruit

    Good point! They were store bought. Not a lot of fresh berries in New England in March. :( Ok - I'll squish em and pitch em...
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    Sanitizing Fruit

    They were already frozen, so I would assume so. How well? that's a different question....
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    I can't stress enough the care you should take when boiling honey. It is natures napalm when it boils over. A trick I learned is to always keep something large and metal (I use one of my really big fermenter mixing spoons or a few heavy metal serving spoons) in the freezer nearby. At the...
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    Sanitizing Fruit

    I'm about to pitch about four pounds of mixed berries (Blackberries, Cherries, Raspberries, Blueberries) into a 5 gallon batch of pyment sitting at about 15-16% ABV. they've been frozen, thawed, crushed up a little and are going in a muslin bag. I'm a little nervous about introducing some...
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    Sunkist Cara Cara Orange in JAOM

    Too much pith ith alwayth a problem for me after a few homebrewth. Well played sir....
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    How many gallons of mead - 2019

    5 gallons JD Webb Port Mead Pyment monstrosity 138.25 + 5 = 143.25
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    Blackberry Cherry Mead Port

    OK - Day 7 into the ferment and it landed on 1.060. Racked it and added another 3# of wildflower. Taste and smell is amazing...It is doubling as a best air freshener I've ever had in my office. Quick question on last steps - you say to add the cognac and oak cubes on the last rack and then...
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    What's the best book on how to make mead?

    Throw in a bit of Black Plague or smallpox and you are 100% authentic!
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    What's the best book on how to make mead?

    You beat me to it. I was about to say that what you are describing is exactly how port wines are made. I'm just a week into making a pyment/port wine/mead (not sure what to call it exactly) following a recipe posted by JD Webb. Wine grape concentrates, honey, water, French oak, cherries...
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    Braggot made from a finished beer and a finished mead? Advice?

    Has the mead been stabilized? If not (and assuming the beer is certainly not), you may get your second fermentation simply by adding your beer (and its yeast) to the sweet mead and waking the boys up, provided they haven't reached their alcohol tolerance yet. Little buggers are hard to kill
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    Filtering out Lees...

    Did you save a sample of the unfiltered cyser to do a taste comparison? I've always been concerned about losing flavor and depth by filtering down to such a particle screen
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    What's your favorite honey for mead?

    If it's for real, it comes as no surprise that at least some Chinese suppliers would try to sell counterfeit honey. After all, they have a track record of doing it in just about any industry they can get away with it. NeverDie - so are you implying that my Shanghai Rolex may NOT be authentic...
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    What's your favorite honey for mead?

    I watched that video in absolute horror right up until the end when I realized they were extolling the virtues of this herbal tea concoction that just happens to taste like honey and really were not trying to do anything shady...One mans poison I guess.....especially if you have allergy...