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    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Just think what I could make with this...?
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    Get rid of rubber hose smell in fermenter

    You’ll be fine. Especially if you sanitize that fermenter before you fill it.
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    You mentioned you pitched the yeast after letting wort cool for a couple hours. If you didn’t help it cool in some way, it would’ve been too hot for the yeast on a 5 gallon batch. But you did say you repitched. My guess is your lid didn’t seal all the way, allowing the pressure to release...
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    Bubbling in liquid line!

    +1 for hose clamp
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    What did I do wrong...?

    I’d be surprised if there isn’t a way to recalibrate that thermometer.
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    Female in distress !!!!

    Can you take a picture of it and post here?
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    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Thanks for putting that version of Jessie on your Google drive. I just downloaded it!!
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    Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer Detailed Review

    I bought one. Used it on lager in a fermenter that had a blowoff tube. There wasn’t any activity in the blowoff, and my starter had acted different than usual. It was a yeast I don’t use often. Because of no activity in the blowoff, I started to panic. Then the gravity posting from the tilt...
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    Nitro tap

    I have a friend who just set up a kegerator. He loves stouts on nitro. How can he lower the co2 volume on a commercial keg until it reaches a suitable nitro level. Is it just a matter of releasing co2 with a relief valve until it serves properly?
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    Tilt hydrometer vs thermowell

    Good idea with the water. Tilt was calibrated right before I put it in the fermenter. Thermowell is in the fermenter. Thank you for the replies. I guess my final question is which do you trust more?
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    Tilt hydrometer vs thermowell

    I’m fermenting with a tilt hydrometer for the first time. I have an stc1000 hooked up to my refrigerator. The probe on etc is in the thermowell. It is reading about 8.4c (about 47 degrees), and the tilt is reading 56f. Which one do I believe? And what do you do in this situation.
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    First All Grain

    I think you did pretty good for second time. Good notes, important. My first day though is that mash temp was a little high, but saw your response that it was on target. Awesome. Take some tasting notes and think about what would improve the beer if anything. Have some others give you feedback.
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    Is Beer Smith worth it?

    +1 desktop, and mobile. I started with Beertools. Most brewers in my club use Beersmith. I bought it partly so I could speak their language. I mainly use it to build recipes and store them. I like the cloud feature. I keep on the cloud recipes of beers still available to drink, and upcoming...