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    A little worried about my StarSan here

    You know, I think that's where I screwed up. Distilled water in somewhat short supply I only used it for the brew. Straight tap for the sanitizer, didn't even think about it. I dumped it before even thinking of testing it. Guess I've learned now. Here's hoping it ends up ok.
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    A little worried about my StarSan here

    This past Sunday I brewed up a batch using the same procedure I've been using for a while now. I clean and then fill up my brew bucket to the 3 gallon mark. Then I pour in a little over an ounce of Star San, the top off up to just below the 5 gallon mark. I give it a few good swirls then cover...
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    Has anyone tried replacing the plug themselves? I remember watching a video on youtube about some guy replacing a bunch of them. My plug hasn't fused yet, but I'm getting a little nervous that it might.
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    Same if you have to add any extract. Especially liquid extra. Dilute, preheat, then mix in. I did an extract brew with the GF a few months ago, went fine til I added the liquid extract. It fell right to the bottom, stuck, and tripped the cutoff. Ended up having to pump out most of the wort then...
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    You probably won't even notice about the top mash screen. For the last several brews now mine has been 'falling into' the mash and its not been much of a problem. I'm considering just not even using the top one for my brew.
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    Has anyone had an issue with a small leak somewhere around the pump? If so where did you find it to be leaking? I've noticed that mine is dripping out of the bottom of the pump somewhere but I can't seem to figure out from where exactly.
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    82 Degrees in the house while on vacation!

    edit: Whoops, misread something, nevermind. As the others have said, will be fine.
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    Really want to make sure that is secured. Had it fall to the floor where it burned my bare feet. Also a good idea if you need to move it to turn off the pump from the GF and run water through it for a bit. The water in the coil can stay hot and it WILL want to come out.
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    Uhg, not having such a great brew session. Every time I put the top plate on, it starts tilting then slipping down further, as does the center pipe. I've been mashing for well over an hour now and haven't even been able to start the recirculation. Not to mention I've now lost A TON of grain down...
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    The only thing I can think relating to the GF is that before you weren't keeping the temperature and a portion of your mash was at a lower temperature when using the cooler. Between the element heating and recirculation through the mash, the GF keep a pretty constant temperature through the...
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    Aerating hot wort

    Except all that poor wort that splashed out of the kettle. :(
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    New to 110v brewing : Grainfather or new Unibrau V3?

    With almost nothing in it, the GF doesn't weigh much. The controller unplugs really easily (except of course for those guys who ended up with the defective controllers) and the place where it usually rests makes a nice handle to pick it up by. Its really just like picking up a mostly empty...
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    OG and adding sugar into fermenter

    The density of alcohol is lower than the density of sugar. So you're adding sugar, that you will measure as such when you take your OG. But then that same sugar ferments out completely, leaving you with more of the less dense alcohol and none of the more dense sugar. That would lower the the...