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    10 gallon spartanburg challenger kegs

    I just bought 9 from a divorce yard sale.... Anyone in the market for 10 gallon ball lock Challenger VI kegs? They are a rare find...
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    Blichmann 55 Gallon G2 Pot

    In search of someone wanting to part with theirs. :tank:
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    Tennessee Nashville 55g Blichmann kettle $550

    Did it ever sell?
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    ECY on right now!

    ECY is great stuff but with it out of stock 99% of the time it gets old.... It's like chasing a Unicorn. The best sours I have ever made had dregs from 2 bottles of The Bruery Oude Tart in them. Nice solid pop the sour flavor - amazing stuff!!!
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    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    those Aleworks direct drive motors are nice BUT at 400 watts that only 1/2 hp. If you use an 2 roller mill you should be fine. For an MM3-2.0 you really need a full 1 hp motor - too bad they don't offer one. I would have snagged it. I have a reducer but haven't gotten off my lazy ass to...
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    What to Look for in a Grain Mill?

    If you have a motorized MM3-2.0 with hardened rollers you are set for life. No need to ever upgrade.
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    pitch sacc on 5 month old roe cake?

    soundplay... You must read your post carefully before posting it... LMAO...
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    What to Look for in a Grain Mill?

    Go for the Platinum Standard! MM3-2.0 with hardened rollers - you'll never look back. Mine is motorized (1 HP motor) with pulleys at the minute. I have my reduction gears - just haven't gotten off my arse to rebuild the mill table yet.
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    Damn. I guess I should sample it. Not going to be able to bottle this weekend so don't want to mess with the carboy.
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    Consecration kit from MoreBeer

    Just keg it!!!! Much less hassle...
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    Fifty Pound Sack

    Too bad Rebel is charging too much for it to the point where now it's better off being bought locally 
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    Consecration kit from MoreBeer

    I added my oak almost a year ago in quantities proportional to a normal sized wine barrel. No meed to time the oak addition with this method. Also simulates using a real barrel the entire time.
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    bug country 2014

    There is absolutely no need to rack off of the yeast bed. Should you decide to to reuse the cake just make sure you carbon dioxide flush the racking vessel and then seal the top with an airlock. A pellicle is not necessary for a sour to develop
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    HDPE solera

    Mine is a sour solera and I do not replenish my Sacc yeast at this point so I don't aerate. Now if it is getting too sour I will aerate my wort and pre-ferment in a standard bucket with Sacc yeast and then add to the Solera.
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    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    U can use a digital refractometer accurately (with a correction equation)