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    Temagami Portaging

    Wow. What a trip. We found our own private island, with no lights of any kind in the visible distance. Caught a 10# walleye and a whole bunch of bass. Mist, trees, rocks, not a single person other than my group for 5 days. Wolves, deer, loons. I am nicely tanned, exhausted and had one...
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    Super Easy Indian Curry

    crushed red pepper flakes. Anything you like for spicyness. :mug:
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    Im soo freaking pissed!!!!!

    A pound of corn sugar is not soooooo bad.
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    Worst addiction yet...

    sounds like a ton of fun. I am too impatient to wait for a nice big belgian :) Good luck to you.
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    Worst addiction yet...

    For sure. I just meant that I ran for 2 mins and felt like a dead horse. so I walked alittle, ran a little more, walked a little...I would like to start running more tho. What you gonna brew?
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    Worst addiction yet...

    TY I think what helped me most was this: smoking is not about the cigarette in yuor hand, its about theanticipation of the next one. Makes the one in your hand much less attractive. My mild weight gain is likely a combo of being sedentary recently, quitting smoking, and homebrewing with...
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    Worst addiction yet...

    Congrats on not smoking! I've been off them for 3 months now. But, as a consequence I've gained a little weight from my brewing monster. As far as addictions go, it could be much worse
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    Who got a man bag?

    Cargo pants baby! I also have a lululemon shirt with upwards of 12 giant pokcets.
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    Temagami Portaging

    Gorp = done. Lots of cashews and cranberrys :) Plastic - too late. Good idea, but I will just have to take my chances. EDIT: I could put it in a few plastic watter bottles...but usn't it bad to leave them in there for awhile? I might just have some binoculars lying around. Good call...
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    Temagami Portaging

    Right now I'm just so anxious to get going it is unbelievable. I've stopped going over -whatdoineedwhatdoineed- because I'm quite sure I've got everything...but we shall see. I've got a brew that could be bottled but I'm not gonna do it. It can wait till I get back. We've got good variety...
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    Temagami Portaging

    We are canoeing 8 hours away from where the nearest motorboat is allowed so the fishing is going to be awesome. Its a very strange feeling to know that in 8 hours the only stuff I will have for a week is what I schlep in on my back. That being said, we are not paddling hard every day. Long...
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    grain space

    Im not doing the math but that sounds about right. I have done a few 23-24# bathces in a 10G
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    Super Easy Indian Curry

    Delicious and dirt simple. I made roti to go with it too. 1/3C butter (unsalted) salt to taste half onion minced 2 tblsp flour 2 tblsp curry powder pinch saffron chili to taste (I like 2 tblsps) 1 cup milk 1 cup chicken broth (Or use beef, but don't tell anyone ;) ) over med heat...
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    My first few attempts at labels

    I like the squirrel on crack. very freaky.
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    EZPass Users / Cheaters Beware!!!

    Most cell phones give you the option of turning off you gps locator system. A guy was busted because he left his on and visited his illicit urban "garden" several times. They had cause to pull his cell location records and boom. busted. EZ pass has has busted lots of people on a few Law...