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    Brewing a better Beer

    try cold conditioning, think about your sanitation, think about your water...
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    Anyone ever drink with this?

    at many a basebll game
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    its really good, almost more an imperial stout than a typical stout. i think its like 6% abv or something like that, and is really really tasty. by far one of the best stouts i've had, although it doesn't quite fall in either a stout or imperial stout category IMO. I don;t thhink i could drink...
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    Rocky Mountain Brew Fest

    ahh i posted that in the wrong thread, no wonder i couldn't find the post to quote it. wierd that there would be two threads baout estes parents honeymonned in that hotel.
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    next time pick up some bear republic black stout. tahts really good stuff...
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    favorite dish to cook?

    i've got about 6 diferent paprikas i use, some are smoked, smoked hot , smoked sweet, 1/2 sharp...all came as a gift from my GF's parents. anyways, i went the lame a$$ way and smoked some ribs on a gas grill last weekend instead of using straight wood like usual, but i was worried about not...
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    So, I was thinking about becoming a crab fisherman...

    thats a sweet show. i worked my friends uncles shrimp boat in high school, but it was nothing liike that. cool stuff though, i sure as hell wouldnt be out there though.
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    Gotta get me some...

    i don't think business and socialism can really be put together in any way. perhaps you mean to say the less profit crazy and more worker/environmentally friendly aspects of the business.
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    Gotta get me some...

    stout ice cream and warm bread pudding...try that. soften up your favorite vanilla ice cream (i'm partial to blue bell, but thats probably the texan in me) and mix it with your favorite stout in a cuisinart and then refreeze it and serve it with some good homemade bread pudding. that is one...
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    Anyone know good Belgian Fruit Beer?

    i'll be that way in a couple weeks actually with him. not in belgium, but germany for the world cup, should i mail you a pony keg from germany...somehow i think shipping would be kinda expensive....seriously, i might try bringing something back with me.
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    Most beautiful place you have ever been

    rock on man!!
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    Most beautiful place you have ever been

    i can't find the post, but it was about what estes park is famous it the hotel that the shining was filmed at? my parents honeymooned there... HB99-glad your alright. i'd probably never put a pair of climbing shoes on again...
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    Rocky Mountain Brew Fest

    blues and brews is awesome, but expensive. i don't think one person could try all the beers in the three hour time limit and make it back to the tent, which is the sign of a good festival. plus its absolutely beautiful and theres good music going on. richbrewer- won't make it to that one, but...
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    Who Would You Most Like to Have a Beer With?

    well i didn't read through all the posts, but the first page contained 2 of mine , mark twain and hunter s thompson. thompsons numero uno though, and i'd definitely like to shoot guns with him after we had our buzz on. too bad he's dead, at least i got to meet him once (sans the beer though...
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    Most beautiful place you have ever been

    RMNP has some absolutely beautiful backpack trips off the main road. i've been both ways, just driving, snd actualkly exploring the park, and god most people miss out. kinda like people who have only seen the grand canyon, from the top, which is most people, when the real way to experioence it...