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    Raspberry syrup wine

    The fun in winemaking comes from experimental batches, 1 gallon trial samples can lead to a good yield the second time around. After confirming 21 brix has been established add nutrient and yeast, airlock and wait. Documentation is the key.
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    Cork look normal?

    That is what is nice about Google it assists us retired people in zeroing on a needed item
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    Cork look normal?

    I order my corks through item# 6-wfir-4524-wc, #9 1.75 long. I found 35 cent corks are risky, these corks run 48-68 cents depending on qty. ordered.
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    No water was added, i believe hot paks are probably the way to go for fruit juice wines,I am going to do some research into yeast strains, this is another subject that could benefit a wine maker. Thanks
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    The juice was from a fruit and juice farm, tasted sweet when i pitched the 1118, I back sweetened it prior to bottling. It was still a bit early, these darn juices take 18 months from start to finish, my catawba from there had a good taste when bottled but also needed to mature 6 more months...
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    So In Sept '21 I fired up a Blueberry juice. Using1118 yeast everything was going at normal pace, 1st rack in Oct. 2nd rack Feb. Bottled in July '22, the Blueberry was non existent, tasted like a concord blend, will the Blueberry come out in spring '23 or am I going to try another Blueberry...
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    If primary fermentation stalls, is there a risk of oxidation?

    Key to the starting process is to avoid contamination, having the proper seal (bung and airlock) prior to startup is paramount, as fermentation begins a larger amount of airspace is required to permit release of gasses from primary, as fermentation slows so does the release of gasses which...
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    Wine berry wine making for rookie

    Depending on how many years a person has in wine making. Kits are a good starter to get some feel for the trade, juices are a step deeper into the making experience, but do take 2 years to mature compared to kits at 4 months
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    Costco wine kit - waste of money or not??

    My wine tasting room
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    Costco wine kit - waste of money or not??

    I would assume the cosco kits generate a red and white table wine level wine, the red may turn out better if 12 grams of oak is added at secondary racking, the old saying a 150 dollar red kit will take medals in a tasting contest, a 50 dollar kit not so much
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    had to move it to secondary too early

    Secondary would be the last stage of adding any flavor or oak. If you perform a 3rd racking in 2 months this will help drop remaining suspension. Just add So2 to 3rd racking and wait a couple more months. You should have a clear mature wine ready to bottle
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    Why would you rack from Primary to Secondary before fermentation in complete?

    Depending on the varietal, secondary racking can be done in 3 weeks for country or sweet wines or go 4-5 weeks for dry reds. Depending on a successful startup and SG. Juice is still working in secondary unless sorbate is added
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    "Hot" Peach Wine

    Purchase a can of peaches and add the syrup to the hooch
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    Racked to secondary too soon

    Kits rely on proper combination of yeast and sugars to start primary action chitostan is a clarifier and flavor pack is sugar, if you left behind quite a bit of lees, the juice may not have sufficient yeast/sugar to finish and the abv. may be short, I would check brix level ensure 21 is met &...
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    Wine fizzing and reading of 1.000

    Can't hurt to go 2 to 3 weeks before racking depending on the type of juice, you can always post sweeten prior to bottling