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    Share Your Soda Syrup Recipes Here!

    I bought a red bull extract. I was given a recipe with it to try a Red Bull clone. Although the Red bull clone recipe was a failure....With it a Red Bull soda was born!! I swear it tastes just like a cross between Red bull and Mountain Dew. I bought the extract from Bev Art Brewer and Winemaker...
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    Does it get any better ?

    Of course it doesn't!!! As a matter of fact to should drink another!!!!!
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    Never Ending Word Thread

    Stress!!! Damn my brewing skills!!!!
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    How Long???

    Ok. I bought the oatmeal stout partial mash from Northern Brewers. I brewed it and put it in the pail........for three weeks. I got really busy and just left it alone. I just transfered to a keg and started carbing at 7 psi at 38 degrees. How long should I wait for it to be "good"? Usually I was...
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    Blow-off tube in buckets?

    Why do you saw the crosses? The benefit?
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    Blow off tube?

    What is with this blow off tube thing? I have read people say they are actually losing beer because there is so much Krausen that it is blowing out! I've just had the pale ale or a better bottle and nothing even close. I just brewed two days ago and it is in a better bottle fermenting away...
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    wort chillers as waste of water??

    I think the best thing to do would be put the majority of the spent water into a big bio-degradeabloe trash can......climb in.........AND CHILL OUT!!!! Your making beer dude, Relax. Seriously there should be almost no worries about a relaxing hobby.:p
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    Please tell me all is not lost!!!!

    This was the first time I used a better bottle for my primary. Yesterday....Nothing. Today when I came home from work it actually looked like a snow globe. There is soooooooo much yeast and I can't believe the movement. It actually looks like a snow globe. I am really happy that I didn't have to...
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    LHBS blessing and curse

    Bev-art in chicago not only will give me options for the cheap route and eventually expensive route but the guys are great! Greg, the owner, goes completely out of his way to have "a sale" every time I'm there. LOL. And believe me with the crowd always there he's not hurting for business. Koz...
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    Please tell me all is not lost!!!!

    belgain ale white lab liquid
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    Please tell me all is not lost!!!! that not good? My last partial had that in the instructions...just verified....this one was made up so i had no instructions. I just reused the pitching instructions from my last partial bought from northern brewer.
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    Please tell me all is not lost!!!!

    I brewed a partial mash today. All was going very well. I chilled wort in a ice bath very quickly down to 100 degrees. I ptched my liquid yeast.......and looked up and saw my LME and DME still sitting on the table!!!! I just spent an hour boiling hops and the liquid from the 5 lbs of grain I...
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    drinking airlock vodka

    How interesting! I really want to know the answer to this if anyone has some input.
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    New Homebrew Club in the Naperville / Plainfield IL Area

    Hey! I live in Minooka and just started brewing. So far I have made an apple cider mead from this site, an oktoberfest partial mash, a hard cider, and an oatmeal stout that I plan on splitting into half. The first half I plan on straight bottles and the other half I plan on racking it onto...