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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    Ok I wired mine up today and this may be a stupid question, but why is there not a data wire going into the arduino from each thermoprobe. They both meet and then go into the unit as one right?
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    Pre chiller size?

    Moving the chiller certainly works, but I worry about hot side oxidation (I think I'm the only person who still believes it happens) which is why I recirculate to essentially have the same effect. That being said if my chiller might get damaged I'm not going to risk it. I have done this before...
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    Pre chiller size?

    So I currently use jamils recirculation IC setup which I really like, and now I would like to add a pre chiller/ice bath to the setup. How big should it be? I do 10gal batches with a 50' x 1/2" IC. I probably don't need a lot of copper for the pre chiller right? I live in CO where the ground...
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    Mash out temperature and enzyme activity

    So this is a very novice question, but I want to get some opinions on maintaining temperature during mash out/ fly sparging. I mash in an insulated cooler so obviously I don't have direct fire. I have no problem getting the mash up to 168-170 before I vourlauf/initiate run off, but the temp...
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    Stir Plate Power Control Question

    My plan is to use this fan With a standard 12v power supply like this one
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    Stir Plate Power Control Question

    Would this work as the speed control for my stir plate build? I am planning on installing a 120mm computer fan inside a 8x6X3 project box. I am wondering if this will work as the speed control. Thanks!
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    Would this pump work for a whirlpool, immersion chiller?

    Nevermind, I found the encyclopedia written about the cheap pumps, sorry to be redundant!!!!
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    Would this pump work for a whirlpool, immersion chiller?

    Ya, that seems way to weak. Im thinking this one which I have definitely seen discussed in the forums.
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    Would this pump work for a whirlpool, immersion chiller?

    I found this pump on amazon. It is super cheap, Amazon Prime eligible, and seems to meet the specs I want. I will only be using this pump to recirculate wort for Jamil's "Whirlpool/Immersion Chiller" set up...
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    Any thoughts on v/v for kombucha?

    Does anyone know an acceptable range for v/v of kombucha? Should I treat it like soda? Thanks! Ben
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    Colorado 5 gallon whiskey barrels $95

    Sorry I should've mentioned. No need to contact me, I was just letting the community know they are available. I'm not selling them I just work next door and saw them this morning. You can get them from Rocky Mountain barrel company in denver, right by stomp them grapes
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    Colorado 5 gallon whiskey barrels $95

    hey guys, I work at a brewery in denver and we are right next to a barrel supplier. I walked outside and saw these in the back of the owners truck. They are five gallon oak barrels that were first use American whiskey. Comes with the stand. Carboy in the picture is just for scale. They're at...
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    Temp conversion question

    So I fly sparge and use beer smith to get my temp calculations. The problem is that I live at 7500 ft in colorado and cant get water over 198f. The water I add for my mash out is usually around 207f. Is there some sort of calculation that will get me equal heating potentials for water at two...
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    Holiday sale 10% off

    He still has the cheapest prices for perlicks and ss shanks. Really low.
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    Thanksgiving sale 12% off.

    Does the discount work for the 4" shank combo?