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    So I brewed a Milk Stout with Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls Cereal

    that looks terrifying and I cant wait to see how it comes out! keep us posted!
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    What to do with spent grains?

    Hey all, Im looking for something to do to repurpose my spent grains after brew day. I dont have livestock or chickens, so is there anything I can do with my grains? Fawx
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    First attempt at a sour, Help?

    I had a solution of sugar water and honey in a jar, and put some sea oats in it. It began to ferment a day or so later.
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    First attempt at a sour, Help?

    Yes, we managed to capture a mixed culture. The sample tasted really nice, with a crisp dry finish to it. the sample is only about a week old, but its been living in my fridge. and thanks! thats a super helpful guide.
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    First attempt at a sour, Help?

    So i recently got a smaple of some wild yeast from the coast, and after the sample fermented out it smelled sour, but in a very pleasant way. I wanted to make a sour beer with it, and wee what came from it. I was thinking of doing a sour blonde ale with strawberries, but I have no idea how to...
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    carbonating in the bottle with chocolate?

    Does that work well? Do I need corn sugar as well, or will that provide the right amount of sugar?
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    carbonating in the bottle with chocolate?

    Ive got a chocolate and peppers stout that is just about ready to bottle, and when I tasted it last, I found the chocolate flavor lacking. Since I plan on carbonating in the bottle, is it possible to use some sort of chocolate chip to provide the sugars and or bump up the chocolate flavor a...
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    Can anyone identify this? Is my beer ruined?

    hey thanks guys! this saved me from throwing away what could be a great beer! thanks!
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    Can anyone identify this? Is my beer ruined?

    I am currently brewing a chocolate and poblano pepper stout. It has been aging for a week or so after fermentation stopped, and I added some 100%cacao dark chocolate and some fresh peppers, all sanitized in vodka. A few days later I looked and this has formed. There is no airlock activity and...
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    Fermented hot sauce

    i make a lacto-fermented hot sauce that my family loves. my recipe 2lbs poblano peppers 1lb sweet gypsy peppers 1lb banana peppers 1/2lb habanero 1 whole sweet onion 2 bulbs garlic 1lb fresh basil clean the peppers and cut them into large chunks, then dice the onion, crush the garlic, and...
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    Watermelon Wine Attempt

    I am making my first attempt at watermelon wine on Monday. I have a decent amount of beer experience, but I've never done a wine. id love some feedback on my recipe. One gallon batch: take a large watermelon and puree the inside, run through a strainer to remove excess pulp. add 1 1/2lbs sugar...
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    Inkbird Giveaway for New product IBS-TH1 Plus Thermometer & Hygrometer

    US friend, monitor temps and humidity in wine/brewing cave
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    non-citrussy IPA's

    Dogfish head does one called Pennsylvania Tuxedo, adn its pretty good and piney. Id look for anything with Resin in the name or description, or anything brewed with spruce tips.
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    Something Wrong?

    its supposed to be an ipa, and the teas are green tea and hibiscus
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    Something Wrong?

    I am doing an ipa with a few teas in it, in a one gallon batch, and i think my OG is 1.010. Does that seem correct? am I reading the Hydrometer wrong, or could it be somethign else?