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    12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Edition

    Thanks everyone... all the beers are great!
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    12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Edition

    Christmas Gruit has been brewed... wort has a great aroma from the spices / juniper berries... nice warm swamp cooler for the French Saison yeast. Adding some buckwheat honey after primary fermentation has started.
  3. BradleyBrew

    12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Edition

    I've ordered everything for the Gruit and I'm looking to brew this very soon... I'll send some brew pics! Should be interesting as I've never brewed without hops!
  4. BradleyBrew

    12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Edition

    I'll brew the Christmas Gruit!!
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    Noob starter activity

    Just my opinion but I think you need to make the starter bigger. Probably not going to get a ton of growth out of a 500ml starter. Again, just my opinion. However, I dont think your method is incorrect. check out: According to the site you'll net about a .68...
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    PLEASE let the Northern Brewer buy-out be a hoax!

    NB kinda blows... took over 2 weeks to just ship one beer kit... GTFO... Morebeer is the only online retailer that is worth its weight.
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    What is SWMBO?

    Wow, so if 100,000 questions have been asked on HBT there has only been 10 unique questions?
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    Contest question

    Most take entries from all over... just remember you have $$$ to ship your beer... I'm cheap so I only typically enter local competitions throughout the year lol
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    What is SWMBO?

    What is this... why does everyone refer to it?
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    SS brew bucket help

    Hello, brewing tonight and using my new SS brew bucket... Question, how is the racking arm suppose to be positioned? Angled up towards the lid or down towards the cone? Thanx!! Visually it seems like a lot of beer would be left behind if positioned up.
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    First time kegging - got too excited

    make sure the thing is tight on the keg... mine leaks every once and a while and I just push down on the pin that typical has a pull tab and that seals it back up... yeah holy crap on that glass carboy sitting on the age of destruction.
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    The Best Craft Brewery in Each State?

    100% agreed... Jackie O's is the Russian River of the Midwest.. so lucky to have them within a few hours and most of the beer reachs my area. Still have to travel to get some Black Maple this October during the release. Best beer I've ever experienced.
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    The Best Craft Brewery in Each State?

    Hands down in Ohio it's Jackie O's
  14. BradleyBrew

    Couple fruit flies in my starter...

    I use foil for the last 4 years with no fruit flies... Just secure the foil with a tight rubber band.