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    Modifying a recipe to a higher gravity.

    My impression would be to just adjust the base malt. If you scale across the board, that means up'ing the roasted, crystal, and flaked adjuncts. Thus leading to a darker, much sweeter, and grainier beer with simple scaling. If anything, to maintain the same flavor profile, cut back on the...
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    Black Belgian IPA Recipe

    If you do a search of some of the commercial belgian IPAs it seems that they bitter with something like warrior or simcoe and the late/dry hops usually have amarillo. Centennial, columbus and cascade are pretty prominent in the mix for middle additions. I personally really love the combination...
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    HERMs coil in kettle for chilling?

    I've done exactly what your talking about with a HERMs coil in my HLT and another length of copper coil in my boil kettle permanently built into it. I was using a plate chiller and got a little tired of the complexities of using it, in my system at least, and missed whirl pooling. Put the coil...
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    Denver CMC group grain buy #6

    Im in for probably 200lbs of grain depending on what is going to be available and would love to try out the belgian malt
  5. BlindOwl

    Microbrewery Software

    I think the biggest hang up is multi-terminal usage. If you have a brew pub with many computers (for retail, production, distribution, etc) the software needs to be easily synced between all of them in real time while 2 or more computers are in use. I realize you could do this running it...
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    Recirulating mash

    You should be able to maintain temperature to within 3 degrees fairly easily in the HLT that contains your coil if you can keep the temperature uniform (either just by stirring during heating or with a second pump). My system stays within .5 degree doing something similar but use a PID...
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    Petri Dishes

    The third dish you mention is likely black mold, really common around bathroom areas. The second one is definitely mold as well though it looks like it hasn't sporulated like the third yet. They are definitely not yeast though. The streaking on the first looks good with no mold or anything so...
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    3068 Weihenstephan

    I fermented a batch of this at 68 and it turned out great. Medium amounts of clove and banana. It was so vigorous that it clogged my blowoff even and pressurized it until the stopper blew off and hit the ceiling. It was a weizenbock though, so a little more stuff for the yeast to go crazy on. :)
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    Group buy for Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs $25

    If there is a round 3, I'd be interested in 4.
  10. BlindOwl

    Wow lots of Krausen

    I did a weisenbock a couple months ago with a big starter of 3068 and it literally exploded just like yours. It was so thick it even clogged every attempt at a blow off tube. Fermentation from hell. Had beer on the ceiling and all over the walls. Turned out fantastic though. Hope yours turns...
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    Low attenuation for multiple recipes

    The yeast could have been rather old though. Who knows how long the package was sitting on the shelf. If you are really worried about it, work up a healthy starter and re-pitch it into the secondary and see if that gets the gravity down. But I would still wait until a week is up in the...
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    Can I make partial batches?

    You can totally split the batches. If you look around the forum you'll find that people often do smaller batches down to about 1 gallon. Often they will do a couple of different boils and alter the yeast/hop profile on top of the same grain bill and see what works out best. Starting off small...
  13. BlindOwl

    Official Denver Buy #3 Order Thread

    few.... Thanks again Chris. Don't know how i didn't discover this thread till last night!
  14. BlindOwl

    Official Denver Buy #3 Order Thread

    If it's not to late, I'd be in for 100# pale then. Thanks RDWHAHB
  15. BlindOwl

    Official Denver Buy #3 Order Thread

    Crap! I'll be out of town! If someone would be willing to hold on to a couple bags for me until after xmas pm me, otherwise no go for me....