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    FastFerment conical

    old thread but.... I've been using a FF for years for small batches, it was the Vvessel when I bought. Still going strong today
  2. Bellybuster

    Lower the bag/basket or raise the water?

    brew with a gallon extra and boil it off after. Ive done it in my CBS system and there was no ill effect.
  3. Bellybuster

    Bar Top Keezer Build

    Nicely done
  4. Bellybuster

    Brew in a Basket...anybody try one of these?

    I've been brewing with a basket (400 microns) for over a year. Will never go back to bags or mash tun.
  5. Bellybuster

    Keg o-ring fell into finished beer

    it'll be fine
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    Need Ideas - Brew Pot Won't Fit In Sink

    put lid on pot at end of boil and let cool in pot???? 2l bottles filled with water then frozen. spray with starsan dunk into wort??
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    Erlenmeyer Flask bottom warped?

    quantity of liquid can make a big difference as well. When my flask is more full it holds the bar better than when not.
  8. Bellybuster

    Fermentation fridge temperature question. Cheese and lager in the same fridge.

    I wouldn't even consider lagering and storing cheese in the same place. Unless of course you like sulphur in your cheese.
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    Green apple taste in last three brews, not sure how to stop the madness

    Ferment us05 at the lowest end and even lower and no more green apple
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    Stuck Fermentation Or Recipe Issue?

    How do you measure gravity?
  11. Bellybuster

    What size CO2 tank?

    4 taps, minimum 20 pounder.
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    I think he tasted it and may be unconscious, showing online still but no reply
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    Fast ferment question.

    To me, this seems like allot of expense for a $100 fermenter. You could probably find a craigslist fridge for cheaper. SS coil and fittings are expensive. I would almost go the route of the SS Brewbucket, would end up costing the same and fit in your fridge. The idea will work though. Kind of...
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    Fast ferment question.

    someone recently showed a foam board box that went around a wall mounted fast ferment. Used frozen bottles of water to keep things cool. Cheap and easy