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  1. Baron von BeeGee

    Weizenbock Weizenbock

    In terms of a clone of Schneider Aventinus, it came out quite well. The first batch was a little hot due to fermentation issues, but the second batch with the same recipe and careful fermentation was very enjoyable.
  2. Baron von BeeGee

    What are you drinking now?

    Hof Ten Dormaal Blond followed up by a couple Foothills' People's Porters. Liked the porters better.
  3. Baron von BeeGee

    Banana vs Cloves

    I'd have to look at my notes on my other computer (which I will do), but off the top of my head I did a 20 minute acid rest and 20 minute protein rest before hitting sacch at ~148-149. It was done with hot water infusion which is more instantaneous than direct heat.
  4. Baron von BeeGee

    Banana vs Cloves

    This isn't really an issue with unmalted grains like wheat that have tons of protein, and a protein rest can help some with efficiency when you have 50% wheat. I've done a number of Hefeweizens with protein rests and haven't noticed any head retention issues. As a sidenote, the Kaiser and I...
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    Keezer project started *pics*

    Useless factoid: 7 1/4" is the actual size of nominal size 8" lumber. Measure a 2x4...it's actually 1.5" x 3.5". "Back in the day", a 2x4 would actually be 2x4 when it was green and roughcut. After drying and planing, you'd be down to 1.5x3.5. Nowadays, even the roughcut and green lumber...
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    Can I brew in an open garage w/out dying?

    I brew/work in my garage with the door about halfway up in the winter, sometimes running a propane construction heater, and so far nothw.elk;a,;acxxcjl;af
  7. Baron von BeeGee

    Looking for a super malty beer

    Definitely agree with the bocks if you're up to a lager. Otherwise the Scottish ale seems like a good choice, or an English brown ale.
  8. Baron von BeeGee

    Keezer project started *pics*

    Nice work...very clean.
  9. Baron von BeeGee

    help with High Gravity Marzen

    I'd be tickled pink and think it'll be a great beer. It should certainly be malty with that grain bill. I use Pilsen + Munich in my O-fest and like it, but have considered going Vienna + Munich.
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    Is it a good idea? Calling all Engineeers and Software guys!

    Is it your only offer? If so, then you have an easy decision - take it. It's $41k more than you make now in your chosen profession. Next week or next month if you get a better offer, then you can take that one. That's generally not considered professional, but neither is 24hrs to accept an...
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    Screw it, I'm brewing....

    Holy bump! You would use less pellets than whole hops, but dang if I remember the conversion. Maybe 90% of the whole hop #. Although, for this recipe, it probably wouldn't make that much difference.
  12. Baron von BeeGee

    Brown Ale Recipe

    Terrapin also makes a nice IBA. I saw an attempt at a clone here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f14/terrapin-india-brown-ale-80204/ They changed the name to Hop Karma at some point.
  13. Baron von BeeGee


    I'm also confused where the Dead Guy grain bill comes in. For a Maibock, I'd just go with ~65% Pilsener, ~35% light Munich, and hop to ~25-30 IBU's.
  14. Baron von BeeGee

    Developing beer names...

    This is great advice. I brewed my first lager, an Oktoberfest, to celebrate my first daughter's birth, and called it Oliviafest (you can guess). Later I brewed a Doppelbock and called it Oliviator, and a Pilsen called Oliviois. Not creative, perhaps, but fun. Now I need to work Sofia...
  15. Baron von BeeGee

    Is it OK to store and reuse Starsan solution?

    The pH strips are a great idea...my rule of thumb is to toss it out when it's cloudy and/or won't foam up.