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Sep 2008
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I don't understand the packaging of Micro beers sometimes. $10.99 for a 6 pack of Rogue Dead Guy Ale. $5.99 for a 22 oz bomber of Dead Guy. I thought buying in bulk usually meant a discounted price, not an increase in price.
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Oct 2008
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It goes both ways. I don't think its fair to assume that all 21-25 year olds are to blame for increased prices on micros. Sure, there will always be the "yuppies" who drink micros because they make you look cool (sophisticated, different, classy), but there are also a great portion of us who are out there because the beer is good. $9 a six pack is a lot to pay to look cool, especially for a low profile micro (Parker36 had it dead on --> if you're going to "look cool" you're going to do it with a known beer, not too expensive, not Keystone water either, but something like Sam Adams). Also, who hasn't turned 16 and wanted to get out and drive? Who hasn't turned 18 and wants to buy a lotto ticket or a cigar (even if you won't smoke it). The point is, when you turn 21 (college yuppie), you are going to buy beer. When you become passionate about beer (thats why I brew), you want to experience the options. My friends and I sometimes have beer night. We all buy a six pack of whatever micro, and pass bottles around. Why? Not to get %$#@&# up, but rather to experience the world of beers. Call it being amateur drinkers, but I wouldn't call it a yuppie fad. As far as I have seen, there are just as many "elders" as there are "yuppies" who either enjoy beer or do it for buzz. Its what I "unjust stereotype".
As far as increasing prices...I would blame inflation and most definitely the shortage of hops (the good ol' factor of supply and demand and how it can drive up prices!)

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Jun 2008
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lol i cant get PBR here.

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Oct 2008
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Agreed, at least I don't see much "yuppie" micro consumption. From my experiences, the only people who drop major dollars on expensive beer are the people who actually enjoy them. Those who don't, buy BMCs. Hell I have to buy BMCs because I am far too poor to regularly consume micros.

And frats are not a good guage of college or that specific age group.

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Sep 2008
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Originally Posted by khuygie88 View Post
I can imagine that, I did a post-high school exchange year in Belgium and in the more popular bars we frequented there was only Maes and Jupiler on tap... Belge equivalent of BMC...

I could, however, get pints of Stella Artois for 2 euros, or go to the supermarche and pick up bottles at $0.33/bottle

Oh God Jupiler! The Coors Light of Belgium! I bought a 24 oz can out of a vending machine while waiting for a train in Brugges, haha.
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The nice thing about all these things diving in price means that waiting in the wings are people ready, willing and able to purchase them. The estimated 2.7% increase nationwide in home sales is evidence of this. This and this alone will turn the economy. Let gas prices fall, people will use more again (not saying conservation is a bad thing, just making a point).
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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
Also the choice of toothless rednecks and hill folk all over southern Alabama and Northern Tennessee!
No it's not. More like the BMC stuff and whatever Sweetwater puts out.

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Lots of good observations in this thread. The hoi polloi have common tastes, by definition. As Abe Lincoln said, "God must have loved the common people, he made so many of them." I attended my brother's wedding two weeks ago, and the featured malt (I think....) beverage was Coors Light. Given that I haven't had a beer like that in ages, it tasted exactly like soda water.....and I then gravitated to the gallon jugs of H20. Most people, most of the time, drink beer as a social lubricant. What its taste, aroma, mouthfeel, other characteristics might be are totally irrelevant.
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Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
Yep. My daughter is a beer snob. The guys as SDSU all buy Keystone Light or Natty Light by the keg for parties. Why??? Because is is the cheapest buzz. No other requirements. She won't touch the stuff. Next year she'll be making her own Apfelwein.
Cheapest buzz indeed.

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