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Kegging is a ton more convenient if only because you only need to clean one vessel vs. 50+. The actual filling/capping of the bottling process is easy, the delabeling/cleaning, not so much. The only downsides to kegging are 1) You never have enough kegs and 2) bottles are convenient for small amounts (either to cellar to test aging, or for giving to friends), with a keg its all or none.

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Originally Posted by Nurmey View Post
Keeping the wife happy seems a good enough reason to me.
This thread should have been locked right then and there!
but since it wasn't....

I do love kegs. The beer does NOT last as long in kegs as bottles, not for any chemical reason, but because it is just so easy to go pull a pint, and with no empty bottles on the's pretty ez to loos track of how many you've had.

You will want at least a wing capper, and some caps, because it's hard to share beer when it's non portable.

There is some budget concerns with Kegging, but if you are already thinking about it, it's nearly inevitable, you'll end up spending the money anyway, might as well do it now.

IF your wife is on board...Get 'er Done!
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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Originally Posted by Rhoman View Post
What about freshness? How long will batch last once tapped?


Not long...
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I would bottle if I had some conveinet little bottling machine that did the trick. I like bottle conditioned beer and to store bigger beers for longer periods bulling one out every few weeks for a couple of years. And I like it for sharing.
However, bottling, even counter pressure fillers, is a pain in the butt. It just become a big mess with bottles everywhere and trying to make sure each and every one is clean and sanitized. And I have stories about bottles blowing up when trying to camp in the desert. I also find kegs are easier to store and stack and take up less room, somehow. You can force carbonate, and chicks dig that.
Ultimately, I really don't think one is better than the other. You really need to go with what you like.

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Bernie Brewer
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There is nothing like going to the kegerator and pulling a pint of your own. And for travel or sharing, a beer gun or Biermuncher Bottle Filler (do yer own search, I'm too damned lazy right now...) will take care of that for ya.
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The amount of time that you save by keggin is amazing. It really is a lot. Between soaking and delabling, rinsing, sanatizing, racking, filling, capping, etc. it takes a while.

IT takes about 1/2 an hour to keg a batch. and like bernie said, the only thing better than pouring a bottle of beer you made yourself, is tapping a pint of beer you made yourself
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The good thing about bottling is you can have a big variety of beers. I have a dedicated beer fridge with lots of beer and cider. If I switch to kegs I won't be able to have as much variety. I think the most I could have is 4 taps. Making room for kegs means I loose quite a bit of shelf space.

I keep thinking about getting kegs for session beers and transporting my beer to parties. Nothing kooler than walking in with a keg, everyone is your buddy.

I've been strongly considering one of these....

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bottlling sucks monkey balls. I wouldn't brew nearly as much if I had to bottle each batch.
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It was barely a "choice" for me. I bottled my first 5 or 6 batches, and by then, my wrists/hands were suffering badly enough that I was debating quitting the hobby already. I switched to kegging, and all is much better after that.

Well, except all the friends and family that whiiiine that I never bottle any beer for them. Kegs only last about 2-3 weeks around these parts.... then they're empty, and onto the next.

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I keg all my beer. I don't really feel it limits me because I have Biermuncher bottle filler. I drink the majority of the beer from the keg and then bottle a six pack or so from each keg.
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