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The Pol
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Idea: If you utilized a batch sparge process, would it be concieveable to run a (2) kettle system with a pump? Youd have a HLT/Boil kettle and a MLT. Both kettles direct fired, controlled by ASCO valves and pilots and Love controllers.

#1. Heat strike water in the MLT, add grains, begin a slow recirculation during the mash. Use the Love controllers to adjust temp and maintain temp.

#2. During the mash, heat the remainder of the required water for your batch sparge to 170F.

#3. At the end of the mashout (direct fired), pump the water from the HLT/Boil kettle into the MLT, then begin the batch sparge.

#4. Collect the runnings in the HLT/Boil kettle and begin the boil.

Fewer tanks, less space, less complication, batch sparge, automation... could really make for a quick and easy brew day. Pump and hoses would be swapped with QDs


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This is the theory behind brutus 20. The method works, but a little less effecient. A decent trade off is space is an issue.

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I'm goofing with the idea of only using 2 kettles myself. I actually have all the components I need right now, just need to put it all together. I'm going to coil copper tubing and put a burner under it heating the water as it comes into the MLT. As I recirculate I'm going to turn the flame way down or maybe off and run it through that same coil. I'm thinking step mashes will be easy with this new toy. When it's time to sparge I'm going to pump the wort out of the MLT and into the boil kettle while direct firing the tubing with water again. I'm essentialy making a tankless hot water heater. I've just got to get some time off from work and other projects around the house done to stave off the SWMBO for long enough to play with my beer stuff.
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Originally Posted by TheFlyingBeer
...no sense hauling empty carboys around when full ones take up just as much space. :)

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Yeah, it's gonna be less efficient because you're putting the clean water into the sweet wort. It's kinda like doing a very loose mash and doing a "no sparge". If I had to guess, I think you'd end up with 55-60% efficiency. It seems like a big sacrifice when you can do 30 pionts better just by collecting the wort into a bucket as an intermediate holding tank.
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