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Jun 2005
Surprise, AZ.
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I live in a NW suburb of Mexico City otherwise known as Glendale, AZ. The apartment complex I live at gets raided by the cops at least once a week. If I don't leave for work between 9 & 9:30 pm I won't be able to get past their road blocks. Several times I've had to call into work because I couldn't bother the cop to move his car (blocking mine) because he had his gun "drawn on a suspect". The times I'm most worried is when the last gunshot I heard wasn't from a shotgun. I miss having a house.
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Oh my gosh, there are some real horror stories on here! I thought i had it bad...

I live on the third floor and my deck faces another apartments deck. Its about 25 feet from my deck. I guess the apartment is rented by one of those technical colleges for like engine repair and stuff. Its a two bedroom and they cram 4 guys into this thing. One day i noticed something on thier deck, under neath their dollar store patio furniture, 4 mud tires, and truck lock box. It looked like some type of large mat. After looking at it for a while, i came to the conclusion it was thier linoleium kitchen floor. I asked them once why they ripped up the floor and they said "We didnt like it." They carry on all night on the weekends but it usually does not bother me. It does bother me when i go out on to my deck and one of the drunk hillbillies starts talking to me. My apartment complex is really nice and so is the office staff. What bugs me is these rednecks live in this upper middle class apartment for basically free and just trash the place. The grass underneath thier deck looks like a fricking landfill. Oh well, i get back from this deployment in less then two weeks and i get to move out a few days later and move into my house. Hooray!
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I think I'm pretty lucky, after reading some of these comments!

I just moved into a new neighborhood in May, and so far have met the neighbors next door, two doors down, and across the street.

The neighbors next door love us, because we're a lot more "mainstream" than the previous occupants.

The neighbors across the street love us, because we're not as "mainstream" as the previous occupants.

Go figure!
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Dec 2007
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i can't remember that site where you can rate your neighbors... (my previous attempts were links to porn)
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Jan 2008
Hiram, GA
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Originally Posted by BraeHaus View Post
i can't remember that site where you can rate your neighbors... (my previous attempts were links to porn)
I think you mean

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Aug 2006
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Due to a weird property layout, I have too many neighbors.

I live in the half of a double with the arrow above it. I have no problems at all with the neighbors that we share the house with, but my house borders all of those row homes. I literally have 11 next door neighbors! Most of them don't really take too much care of their property/house, and because their property is elevated about 5 feet above mine, their garbage ends up in my yard frequently, but it's gotten a little better.

My biggest complaint is that we have a two-car parking pad in the back of our house along that little stub of an alley. People seem to think that they can park at the end of the alley and leave their car there EVEN IF THEY CAN SEE OUR CAR(S) PARKED THERE AND BLOCK US IN. Because there is one set of steps that feeds the back of all the row homes (there's probably 8 more that aren't pictured), we have no idea who the car belongs to. One time my wife was parked in and she had to go door to door to find out who was having work done by the cable company to get them to move their truck.
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Originally Posted by Hopleaf View Post
They always let their dogs crap in my yard. Today stood there talking to me while the dog did it, without a concern in the world.

I just saw this thread. It's funny that you mention the cavalier attitude your neighbor exhibited while he watched his dog take a dump on your lawn. I have a neighbor that would do exactly that. They would let their dog roam and it would ALWAYS crap in my yard! We would stand there talking, the dog would relieve itself and my neighbor would act like nothing was going on.

After more than a year of picking up their dog's excrement from my yard I decided to save up about three weeks worth of logs and deposit them on their front steps with a little note that read; "I believe these belong to you". Fortunately, they saw the humor in that and recognized that they have been negligent in their neighborly duties. The dog hasn't been allowed to defecate in my yard since. That was over 4 years ago.

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