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Sep 2007
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I've only completed one batch of Ed's apfelwein, and I've only pitched one other. So far, though, we've avoided the "rhino farts" without adding yeast nutrient. We could just be fortunate, but just in case, I thought I would mention a few deviations from Ed's original recipe that may make the difference:

First, I've used juice that contains ascorbic acid. It's what I find, it's awfully yummy, and it's cheaper than the other stuff. I don't know why ascorbic acid would make a difference (other than some funky organic molecule thing that I've forgotten). Even moreso, I don't know that it does make a difference, but it's a deviation from Ed's original recipe, so I note it here. Perhaps the collective experience can confirm or dismiss this possibility.

Second, I've used Hill Country Fare (i.e., HEB's store brand) and Maker's Mark (i.e., Sam's store brand) juice. I know I read in the nearly 2300 posts in the apflewein thread that someone else did the same. Perhaps these juices don't have the sulfur content of Tree Top? I don't know, but it's just something else to note. If you used HCF or Maker's Mark juice, please chime in and help confirm or dismiss this possibility.

Third, I aeriated nearly all the juice, rather than about a gallon. In fact, all but about the first half gallon of juice gets a good shaking before it goes in. It occurred to me while dissolving some of the dextrose that yeast likes oxygen to get started, so I went ahead and shook it all up, pouring about half of one bottle into one of the empty bottles for shaking. Yes, it's a little more hassle, but shaking is fun. Of all the possibilities, this one makes the most sense, as the rhino farts seem to be a symptom of stressed yeast (thus, the yeast nutrient solution). I'm curious to hear what the rest of you have to say.

So, any thoughts or (even better) experiences to add? I could do without the rhino farts, and I'm just wondering if I've been lucky or if there's a better reason.

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Aug 2007
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I have made 15gl of Ed's apfelwein original recipe. all 3 batches have passed nice sweat smelling gas, not even close to a rhino.

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I fermented 6 gallons of Member's Mark + corn sugar with Montrachet. I didn't notice anything too unpleasant.

EDIT: Had whiskey on the brain.
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May 2007
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I got home late last night, opened my front door and was greeted by the overwhelming smell of Apfelwein out-gassing. My house is pretty big, but it permeated the entire place...I had to open all the windows for a few hours.

While I wouldn't call it a pleasant smell (kind of sickly sweet) it's not anything I would call a "rhino fart." Maybe a diabetic rhino.

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e lo
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Sep 2007
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Mmm... Maker's Mark...

I think you mean Member's Mark....

At any rate, my only (so far!) batch was made with juice with ascorbic acid; each bottle was shaken; and I used Red Star Champagne yeast, because LHBS didn't have any Montrachet. So we certainly have confounding variables here. However -- the smell was delicious, with no sulfur detected.

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Oct 2007
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I have had no sulfur smells at all from the batch I have, but I too shook the heck out of the first 2 gals while mixing in the corn sugar I used. The other thing I did different from the original was D47 yeast. I used Mott's unsweetened 100% apple juice, from concentrate, Vitamin C only ingredient besides apples and water.

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Old 10-30-2007, 08:27 PM   #8
May 2007
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I just made a batch using Member's Mark and Montrachet yeast, shaking only the bottles dextrose was added to, and mine smells like rhino farts.

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Oct 2007
San Francisco, CA
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tree top, cane sugar, montrechet, and a overly healthy shaking and i get the sulfur. at least throughout the cooler i'm fermenting in.

conclusion. aeration is probably not getting rid of it.

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Kevin Dean
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Jul 2007
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I aerate all 5 gallons, (Didn't realize I wasn't supposed to)

I add the lightest brown sugar I can find (it makes it more tart).

I have always only used Montrachet yeast.

My neighbors have remarked on the sulphur smell, but they don't mind, they know what I'm doing.
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