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Aug 2011
Arlington, WA
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I brewed a IIPA, with a IBU of 119!!!

Not one mistake (next time I'm hosed for saying that), I was aiming for 1.083 and I hit 1.084. I got 90.6% for Eff..

now the waiting....

So what did you brew and how'd it work out.


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Nov 2011
Greenwood, Indiana
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I brewed a Zombie Dust clone and a Black Rye IPA. Both went perfect.

You are getting some killer efficiency. Congrats!

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Junior Member
Dec 2012
Lake Wissota, Wisconsin
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Brewed a Mosiac hop IPA, missed my gravity by 2 points but I'm sure it will taste great. I get around 75% efficiency with my AG single vessel brew in a basket system.

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Jul 2011
Them Scary Woods, FL
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5 gallon batch of chocolate mint imperial stout for a buddy of mine (he loves it, says it tastes like roasted thin mints).

OG: 1.092. WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast. Small krausen blowoff even when using Fermcap but not bad. It pushed about two tablespoons worth of krausen through the airlock and it's now all dried up on the bucket lid.

I also bottled my Belgian Dark Strong ale for a brewing competition next month and brought my Scorpion pepper IPA to a bottle tasting on Sunday (good reviews, not too hot).
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Feb 2013
Portland, Oregon
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Made a IIPA. Got the worst dough balls at mash in that I've ever had. Also had by far the SLOWEST sparge I've ever had. Grain bill was 45% MO, 45% Golden Promise, 5% C40 and 5% flaked oats. Don't know why the dough balls and sparge were much more of an issue this time that any of the other batches I've done. I've never used Golden Promise, but it didn't seem like it should cause a problem. Missed my OG by 1 point, despite all the issues.
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Oct 2009
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Saturday: Mixed up a 1.5L DME starter for brewing an old expired Mexican Cerveza pre-hopped extract kit (details in another thread), then made a dozen agar slants for yeast culturing. Gotta wait a week to make sure nothing grows on them before using them to culture yeast. Also helped my wife bottle a batch of "Cosmopolitan" wine (kit), and started a new kit for her (some kind of Shiraz).

Sunday: Brewed the aforementioned Mexican Cerveza kit, then did a ton of cleaning (all the stuff from the starter, the brew, and the yeast slants, not to mention a couple empty Corny kegs and some empty beer bottles).

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Old 04-08-2013, 05:59 PM   #7
May 2012
Raleigh, NC
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Brewed a pliny the elder clone. The only problem was straining all the hops out when transferring to the fermentor. I always just filter through a large paint straining bag, but it was basically just overloaded with hops and wasn't draining well at all.

Also, overshot my efficiency a bit, so I sparged a little extra and made a 2l starter alongside the main batch.

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Jan 2013
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I woke up, hit the local bakery around 8:30 for a pastry and coffee then hit the brand new LHBS at exactly 9:00. It was their grand opening and I was their first ever customer The store is owned by three gentlemen and they have a good selection, for the most part, but have a few things to learn as none of them brew. For example they have a great selection of just about any specialty grain one could think of (45 varieties of grain or so) but I only spotted about four 10lb bags of base malt. I explained to them that the first few people that put together a 5 gallon recipe are going to clean them out of base malt, so they should order some big bags of US 2-row and pilsener malt ASAP.

They only had a Corona mill set up to crush the grain, so with a bit of tweaking to the crush and about 20 minutes of continual hand cranking we got my 10 lbs of Maris Otter bagged up. I picked up 3oz of Cascade, some accessories and took my picture with the owners (as I mentioned, I was their first ever customer).

Headed home, heated strike water, mashed in, went a little high but the mash settled at 153 so I closed up the cooler. Fly sparged, started the boil and added my hops in a nylon mesh bag clipped to the side of the pot (first time trying this). 60 min boil with 1 oz of Cascade each at 60, 30, 5. My ground water is only capable of taking the wort down to about 85 after a half hour of running the immersion chiller (and capturing the water for a load of laundry and sundry) so I put the kettle in the bathtub full of water and ice after that.

While the wort was chilling I prepared sugar, racked my last batch of IPA into the bottling bucket and bottled up that 5 gallons... Then cleaned out the fermenter, rehydrated my Nottingham yeast for the new batch and pitched. About 36 hours later I have a nice vigorous fermentation going in my fermentation chamber at 64*F. Oh, by the way I was shooting for 1.050 and hit 1.057 so I for one am a believer in the Corona mill!

All told it was a 10.5 hour brew day. I still have a lot of refining to do to my process. I spend way too much time hauling vessels of liquid around (mostly when capturing the chiller water). Tiring. Looking forward to building up a nice brew system with pumps in a year or two.
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Next to brew: Some sort of enamel-melting IPA and a nut brown

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Old 04-08-2013, 06:14 PM   #9
Aug 2011
Arlington, WA
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Wow so far so good for everyone, with the exception of some dough balls.

i like to hear when thing go well for others, cuz we all have been on the other side dealing with a bad brew day.

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
"Detroitish" Michigan
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Do you Really want to know?

The hbt'ers who are on facebook with me had a lot of fun with my brew day from hell Saturday afternoon.

So I decided that while watching the Tiger's game Saturday afternoon I would brew a 2.5 gallon batch of the DFH Midas Touch Clone on here. "It's going to be an easy brew" I thought..."it's only a little extract" I thought..."Should be done in a couple hours" I thought....HAH!!!

First thing that happened is that there was some smutz in the drip pan beneath the element of my electric stove, and when I was heating the water up, it caught fire.

So I had to put it out, clean up the mess, unplug the smoke detector and open the windows.

Next I had an extract boil over when I hit hot break, because of course I wasn't paying attention.

Then when I added the honey (which I had softened in a pan of warm water on another burner on the stove, this is important) I was trying to rinse out the jar of the last little bitohoney, submerging it in the wort hold it by tongs, the car fell in, and fishing it out I splashed wort all over the stove.

THEN as the boil was going on I decided I needed to start dinner, so I preheated the oven, which on a 30 year old stove that had the big burner on, (and the burner that I left on from when I was dissolving the honey and had the boilover) caused the stove to blow, and die.

I had to put the kettle in the sink, and in my tiny kitchen had to pull the stove out, contortion it to turn it around in the kitchen aisle, tear the back off the stove, and resent it by flipping a breaker down by the terminal block. Then finegle the stove back into position. Plug it back in, and bring the wort back to a boil so I could continue.

THEN while I was waiting for it to come back to a boil, I decided to post my adventure on facebook (to which some of my brew buddies called me noob, and suggested I start a thread so some guy named Revvy could tell me I was Ok) I had YET ANOTHER boil over.

After that though I managed to finish ok and get the yeast pitched....5 hours after I started.

So it took me the same amount of time that it takes me to brew an all-grain batch.....to brew a "simple" batch of extract beer.

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