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Dec 2010
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Well that helps explain why so many get burned at Thanksgiving.......
Easy to beef it up as BobbyM said. But i'm all for the Blichman or the KAB6...have each.
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Oct 2012
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$50 Bayou Classic burner or $150 Blichmann burner; both high quality that'll last you, though the Blichmann reportedly uses less propane and is quieter. Can't go wrong with either one IMO

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Apr 2009
Waterford, Michigan
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Isn't the Blichmann burner a BC Banjo Burner in a fancy stainless frame? Never seen one anywhere but pictures online so...

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Jan 2009
Holly, MI
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I've always been happy with this burner:

When I bought it, it was because I liked how sturdy it seemed and the leg extensions allowed for easy draining into my fermenters.

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Jul 2012
Nelson, Bc
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Or even a stock pot range my man! Can be had for less than $400 on the web. The last heater you'll ever buy.

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Sep 2012
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Perfect chance to upgrade!

That turkey fryer probably puts out 40K BTU's.
I got one that puts out 188K BTU's. They make hotter.
The hotter flame saves a lot of time getting water to the temp you want.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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Aug 2010
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16 gallons, how tall is your pot? I figure 30" min. Since you are looking at 135 # or so of water I think any decent stand should hold up.

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Dec 2010
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My Blichmann burners have had no issues handling my keggles. I've had 13-14 gallons of wort in the boil keggle already and the mash tun with 28.5# of grain (plus 39 qts of water) on one (with the leg extensions in fact).

As far as the Blichmann being the same as a Bayou burner... It might be the same burner element, but that's about all. Between the really well designed stainless housing (does a great job directing the heat, and protecting the flame), great hose and regulator, it's far superior. I originally had a Bayou KAB4 since it looked damned close to the Blichmann. I can tell you from experience, they don't perform the same. The Blichmann burner is a much better unit where it counts. I'm talking about time to get the water/wort to temp without using a metric asston of fuel to do it. I've seen other brewers use different burners too. Compared with the Blichmann they sound like a jet engine (or rocket motor) where the Blichmann is damned near silent. The other burners need to be turned up really high in order to get close to the same performance. Of course, they're also burning more fuel to get there.
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Oct 2010
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Metal bed frames are strong!!!! If you have the tools available stop by a thrift shop and pick one up for cheap. Then cut, drill, and bolt together a frame for you burner. It will be strong enough to plant a mine on.

If you don't have the tools or time a cheap but worthy alternative is an SQ-14, will cost you $50 dollars at Amazon, and comes with the burner and hose/regulator. They are either rated to stand the weight of a 40 or 400 gallon brew pot. I don't remember. Either way, it' will (and in my case) easily support a 15 gallon keggle.

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Jan 2012
st paul, mn
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I would reccomend a stainless burner to anyone who would listen. I have two of the Blichmans myself and they are great. If i was looking for something cheaper I would consider these

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