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May 2012
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I very much enjoyed their Vienna Lager beer last night. I was looking for a refreshing and lower ABV beer. Well, it is 4.9 % ABV and very tasty but not a 'refreshing' type of beer. I would love to taste this on tap.

I can't hae the same praise for their pale ale/belgian hybrid Belgian Congo--it didn't do it for me even though it is a more refreshing type of beer. Does anyone recommend something from this brewery? After tasting the Vienna Lager I'll be swinging around agian.

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Aug 2011
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I had their Vienna Lager and their IPA in Shenandoah. Both were pretty good.

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I just had their Vienna Lager on tap and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking to try and brew something similar here soon.
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Their black ipa is great! Vienna is good and azreal is not bad and is strong....

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Originally Posted by pvtschultz View Post
I just had their Vienna Lager on tap and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking to try and brew something similar here soon.
Check this pdf; it has their recipe for the Vienna lager and also their Schwarzbier (which is also really tasty).

12.5 Plato SG
2.8 Plato FG
4.9-5.1% ABV
18-22 IBUs
38% Pilsner Malt
38% Vienna Malt
12% Dark Munich Malt
12% Weyermann Cara-Amber Malt
Mash: 3.2:1 mash hydration (liquor to grist)
Mash-in 125F
Heat to 147F – Hold 30 minutes
Heat to 162F – Hold 30 minutes
Heat to 170F – Mash-out temp
Boil: 90 minutes
16-19 IBU’s from German Northern Brewer at boil begin
1-3 IBU’s from Czech Saaz at 20 minutes before boil end
Cooling, Fermentation, and Maturation:
Cool between 51-53F
Pitch with Augustiner Lager yeast, minimum 1.25
million cells / ml / plato
Let rise to 54 – 54.5F for main fermentation
2/3 way through fermentation raise to 56F
At end of fermentation let rise to 57F for Diacetyl rest
7-10 days after pitching start cooling 2F a day until 42-
Rack off yeast & trub / dump and transfer to secondary
Crash cool to lagering temp 28-34F
Lager minimum 2 weeks, aim for four weeks or more.

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I think their Vienna Lager is their best product.

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