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Dec 2008
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The brew pub which opened in Santa Rosa California used to charge 2.50$ for a 20 ounce imperial pint. Then they raised prices to a 16 ounce non imperial pint to 3.25 during happy hour.

Did the cost of ingredients go up that much? I don't think so. Russian River brewing used to sell wholesale "belgian style" bottles in 750ML format...They doubled the price and reduced the volume of liquid by half to small bottles.

They use cargill GMO malts in the belgian beers. Yet they charge a premium for them.

I'm sorry folks there is no excuse to call yourself a craft brewer if you use GMO barley. It's sickening. Russian is the pinnacle of America...cheaper grain, higher prices...

Screw em...

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May 2008
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What's your problem with GMO crops?
I'm too lazy and have too many beers going to keep updating this!

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Dec 2011
hell, vt
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Damn them for wanting wanting to make money! how dare they!?!

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Dec 2008
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GMO crops are produced by and for the pesticide industry. Mother nature can grow what she wants better than us humans...

Also...why should they charge twice the price for half the beer? Cargill malt is the cheapest in the industry yet they call themselves "craft beer"

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Old 05-24-2012, 08:48 PM   #5
Dec 2010
katy, tx
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You have us all now convinced that Russian river is a backward corporation hell bent on screwing over their customers and putting out a shoddy product. I heard they've now outsourced all their brewing to china for the cheap labor. Instead of filtered water they use the tears of children.

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Nov 2011
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How's their beer taste? Any good?

Edit: Rhetorical question. I've been there. Awesome stuff.

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Originally Posted by tmurph6 View Post
Instead of filtered water they use the tears of children.
Rich in Vitamin R.

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Dec 2008
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My point exactly freakish...They used to charge less...yet now they are using the cheapest ingredients the market will sell yet call it craft beer.

Craft beer ought to be aobut sourcing the finest ingredients and not market based economics. Craft beer ought to be about the craft not marketing or industry trends. Sadly the smalerl guys only want to get bigger.

I truly hope we see a nano brewing revolution...Give everybody a piece of the pie to compete...we don't need stone...dogfish...russian river...laguniats...

Woudln't you rather have regional fresh beer than mass distributed beer freakish?

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Originally Posted by OldWorld View Post
Did the cost of ingredients go up that much? I don't think so.
Energy costs are going up, so that means everything is going up in cost/price.

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Sep 2010
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There's a place around here that regularly charges $6.50 or $7.00 for a 10 ounce pour of higher alcohol beers. They were charging $6.50 for GF Palate Wrecker and other beers around that ABV (~9.5%). Complete ripoff.

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