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Art by David Shrigley
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Yoko was the fifth Beatle, and the only Japanese one.

Spray your plants with starsan. That's Charlie Talley's advice, but he's the guy who makes starsan.
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I was having problems with my leaves getting munched on by something:

I found some stuff at the local Southern States Co-op called "Organica". It's a milky brown colored spray that is organic (so it won't hurt the final product and you won't end up with nasty pesticides in your beer). It's worked so far. It even gets rid of powdery mildew or whatever that white powdery crap is that keeps attaching itself to my vines. I recommend it.

Alternately, you can use Sevin spray. While it's not organic, my mom (she's a lifelong gardener and owns a landscaping & gardening business) says that anything sprayed with Sevin will be safe to consume again after 2 weeks. So, I'd say as long as you're spraying the leaves and not the flower cones, you're fine. But go with Organica or something like it if you can.
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Originally Posted by Evan!
...I found some stuff at the local Southern States Co-op called "Organica"...
Thanks for the tip. I went to their website and unfortunately, the nearest dealer is 156 miles away! So, I might have to go with Sevin.

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take a bunch of cigarette butts, steep them in water for 24 hours, add a drop of liquid soap as a whetting agent and spray away.

Never used on hops specifically, but bugs really hate it.
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I'm trying to grow grapes. The Japanese beetles would kill everything if left alone. Went to sevin. Bought concentrate , mixed in small sprayer , works great. They still have to take a bite ,but only one. Stands up to a few rains. If you get on the beetles early you can cut down the numbers for next year as they feed, mate, then drop to the ground and lay their eggs on the spot. I wish these state funded universities would come up with something to eradicate these things in a more natural manner.

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SWMBO has been at a constant state of war with
Japanese beetles in her rose garden.
It helps to use those traps - as long as they are
far away from what you are protecting.
Even better - give traps to all of you neighbors.
Also, treat the area with grub killer in the spring.

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Japanese Beatles?
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Sorry, this is a totally superfluos post, and no help at all.....But honestly, thanks to that easy-to-make spelling mistake I got a genuine LOL when I read the comments in this thread.

Sorry once again, thanks once again too...Carry on.

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Broken Robot Brewing Co.
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Beatles on Hops? Why not, they were on everything else known to man. Maybe those lazy bastids will finally release another new album.

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