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Oct 2008
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I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this thread, but here it goes.

I had a super frustrating brew last night. I did an all zythos blend IPA and I could not get it to stop boiling over. As a result, I only got about 50% efficiency and missed my target OG by .016, and, with a 90 minute boil.

I should note that I do use a 7.5 gallon brew kettle, so boil overs are an issue for me, especially during hop additions. However, I can usually get it under control after 1 or 2. Last night, it continued for the entire 90 minute boil. And it was not just during hop additions either. It was the entire time. I tried everything: ice cubes, decreasing the heat, stirring, skimming the thicker foam with a slotted spoon.

I guess one question would be, are some grains more apt to boilover than others?

Please help...

J Brew

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May 2011
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I always get potential boil overs with Pilsen malt. That's been the worst for me. But I started using Fermcap.... Just a couple drops right as it starts to foam up, and like magic, it all dies down and no boil overs to worry about!

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Mar 2011
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+1 fermcaps. Works great with yeast starters too.

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Feb 2009
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...or you can use these

Click image for larger version

Name:	GNP_infant_anti-gas_drops.JPG
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they solved all my boil over issues both in my brew kettle and my Erlenmeyer flask for starters. I buy the unflavored ones they are easier to find at any drugstore.

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Jan 2012
West Lafayette, IN
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I've had a couple of near-boilovers (5 gallon pot, about 3.5 gallon partial boils) recently. I've found using a spray bottle set on a heavy mist at the first hint that it's thinking about boiling up helps, accompanied by vigorous stirring while spraying. If it gets too close for comfort, I lift the pot off the burner until it settles. This is fairly dangerous with a 5 gal pot and I wouldn't recommend it with larger ones... if you have a gas stove or burner you could probably just turn off / down the flame to get the same effect, but with an electric burner it takes too long to cool down to be effective. Having a second person on hand to turn down the heat while you hold the pot, cursing and praying not to dump boiling wort foam all over the kitchen is extremely helpful but not strictly required.

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Dec 2011
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+1 on the spray bottle of water. Works like a charm for me!!
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Oct 2008
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Great advice, folks. Thanks!!

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