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Feb 2012
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So I am fairly new to brewing (1 kit, and 1 AG brew) but I am extremely motivated and dedicated. I have come up with a few recipes, with just my personal experience of taste and knowledge of reading (and having done 2 brews). I have put together this recipe and was curious as to any thoughts or opinions on actual outcome on this. I am an extreme HOP HEAD, so this may seem a bit left field for some people, but be gentle as this is my first post and my first publicized recipe. Cheers!!
Name: Hoptaneous
Est OG: 1.082
IBUs: 241.2

Grain Bill:
12# Pale Malt 2 Row
1# Crystal 60L

2oz Warrior - 60min
1oz Centennial - 40min
1oz Cascade - 40min
1oz Chinook 15min
1oz Columbus 15min
.5oz Cascade 5min
1oz Simcoe 5min
.5oz Chinook 5min
.5oz Centennial 5min
1oz Simcoe - 14days
1oz Chinook - 5days
1oz Cascade - 5days

Misc. Ingredients
.5tsp Irish Moss 10min
Oak Chips - 7days

2 Packs: California Ale (White Laps #WLP001)

Mash at 152F for 1 Hour
Pre Boil Vol : 7.5Gal

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Um...some issues.

1. Too much crystal. I'd ditch the carapils as it kind of defeats the purpose of adding simple sugar to an IIPA.

2. Too much 60 minute hops. You're already surpassing the threshold in which humans can taste bitterness. You're basically just adding more plant mass to the wort which can cause vegetal flavors and will cause some wort loss. The 40 minute hops are kind of pointless too.

3. A 14 day dry hop is about a week too long. I've seen a lot of beers get funky grassy flavors when hopped for that long.

4. I personally don't care for warrior as a late hop. Save it to bitter a different beer.

5. I'd ditch the oak. I've never been a fan of oaked IPAs (I think hop flavor and wood flavors clash)

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Oct 2011
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Well I guess I have different tastes than the previous poster.

I think the oak chips would be nice. The story is that ipa's where aged in oak anyway so I don't think it's crazy. I know the BJCP says its inappropriate but I've had lots of great oaky ipa's.

I also don't think 1 lb of crystal is too much for this beer. But I do feel that the carapils is unnecessary. Your aren't going to have a problem with head retention in this beer and of your doing it for body then the dextrose doesn't make sense.

I do have one serious issue with this recipe though. Please, please please please don't use Simcoe that early in the boil. The stuff is really hard to get ahold of and all it's wonderful flavor is going to be lost in a pre-thirty minute boil. Save it for another beer or later in the boil, in my opinion.

Also, I'm not sure I'd use warrior as a flavor/aroma hop but that's just me. Maybe you know something I don't.

Dry hopping 14 days is on the long side, usually people dry hop 7 days but I've seen 5-14 days suggested. I doubt it will get grassy in 14 days.

Grays on your first recipe, I hope it turns out well.

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Feb 2012
Palmyra, VA
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Thank you for the advice, I have taken a lot of influence on this recipe from my first 2 batches, they were both big IIPAs, one was Pliny The Elder. Both had simcoe in for 90mins and 60mins. And both had 14day dry hops and 5 day dry hops. And I loved them both, Thats the reasoning behind it. I will probably drop the late addition of warrior, and do away with the catapults all together.

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Feb 2010
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I just made this, and it's similar enough that you may want to check it out (not that I'm just pooping on your recipe - I like it, with the changes suggested above):

14 lbs us 2-row
12 oz. Belgian Caramunich (any good 40L crystal malt would be fine though)
16 oz. Honey @ flameout (mine was some good stuff from a local apiary)

1.0 oz. Warrior pellets @ 60 min
1.0 oz. Amarillo whole hops @ 15 min
1.0 oz. Simcoe whole hops @ 15 min
1.0 oz. Amarillo whole hops @ 5 min
1.0 oz. Simcoe whole hops @ 5 min
1.0 oz. Amarillo whole hops @ flameout
1.0 oz. Simcoe whole hops @ flameout

us-05 yeast fermented for 10 days, cool
cold crash

** this is the point I'm at right now, tasted it last night - it's amazing ***

keg-hop with 3.0 oz. Amarillo whole hops & 3.0 oz. Simcoe whole hops - this is where I choose to go nuts on the hops

My OG was supposed to be like 1.080 but I screwed the brew day up and ended up with about 5.5 gallons instead of 5, so I ended up at lie 1.070. FG was 1.012, it's nice and light bodied, with a noticeable but not overpowering bitterness.

and *edit*: obviously you have different hops - I'd use the warrior early on, and perhaps the centennial, and save the cascade, chinook and simcoe for late. that sounds like a very nice combo

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