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Default All Grain Efficiency

OK, I would like some help in gathering some data about equipment, process and eficiency.

So, if you are an all-grain brewer, please share what MLT equipment you are using (cooler, S/S, round, square...), what style your false bottom is (copper tube, ss braid, other...). Do you worry about PH, and do you Fly or Batch sparge?

ALSO, what is your average efficiency with the equipemnet and process you use?

If there is other information that you think will help others, please post it.

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Baron von BeeGee
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MLT: 46qt Coleman Xtreme cooler (rectangular)
Manifold: slotted copper
pH: Yes
Sparge: Batch

LHBS mill: 70%
Corona mill: 77%
Boston's mill: 83% (one datapoint, triple decoction)

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I use a 10 gallon rectangular cooler with a ss braid. I tend to batch sparge to about 12 gallons, never worry about pH.

With gravities approaching 1.070, my efficiency is about 80%.
Higher than 1.070 (usually around 30 lbs. of grain) my efficiency nosedives to 70%/60%/50% depending on the recipe.

I suspect the drop in efficiency is due to maxing out the cooler size in terms of grain bed, too much weight. It may also simply be the drawback of batch sparging, some day I will fly sparge to test the theory.
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Chairman Cheyco
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MLT: 10gal Rubermaid cooler (round)
Manifold: SS Braid 12"
pH: Not really - it's usually pretty close, but I need to start manipulating it I think
Sparge: Batch
Efficiency: I can count on 80%, no problem. (I use a JSP maltmill)
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Bloody John Roberts
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System I use

It comes with a plastic false bottom with a foamy-ish polish pad thing that is about 1 inch that rests on top and acts for further filtering of the grain. (See my gallery for pics).

pH - used a few strips but after three batches with all seeming the same color, I haven't on the past two or three batches (and my efficiency has been the same).

Sparge - did fly on 5 batches and batch on the last. I really liked the batch sparge, but it was more a matter of having too much water in the mash already to add anymore.

Efficiency: Brewhouse efficiency according to my SG and OG in beersmith has been 72% on every AG batch so far. I use the barley crusher!
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I batch sparge (70-75 all grain batches so far) using a 52 quart rectangular cooler with a commercial stainless steel braid (http://www.freewebs.com/candcinnovations/)

Due to the wide variety of styles I brew, I do check the ph with a meter for most brews and adjust accordingly.

I use a PhilMill I single roller mill, motorized with a 1/2" hammer drill (on drill setting). My efficiency generally runs about 80% for beers under 1.060. My latest brew, still in the fermenter, is a 1.111 OG barleywine. My efficiency dropped to 69% for that one.

I found the setting for my mill gap by milling each batch a little finer until I was on the verge of getting stuck sparge and then backed it off just a hair. With my mill I get lots of flour without pulverizind the husks. That's one of the advantages of a single roller mill.

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MLT: Cooler (rectangular)
Manifold: slotted copper
pH: No
Sparge: Batch
Efficiency: Low 80s
Assistants: Foxxie and Ben

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Denny's Evil Concoctions
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50 L brew keg MT
Copper circular slotted manifold
Fly Sparge
Usually around 80% (or will be again once I fix the gap in my grinder)
PH: Only concerned when brewing for light colored beers.
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MLT: 8.5 gal rectangular cooler (can also jury rig a 10 gal cooler)
Manifold: slotted CPVC
pH: Yes (I mostly have to adjust for darker beers)
Sparge: Batch

Efficiency: I use pre-crushed grain. Usual efficiency is about 73%.

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I've only done a couple batches, but here's what I have so far:

MLT- 10 Gallon Gott Cooler
False bottom
Batch Sparge
PH- no way, regular tap water
Eff- 78-80 %
Grain crushed by internet HBS

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