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Sep 2010
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Can I really skip the 2nd fermenter? I just brewed my 3rd batch. Its a Wheat beer blue moon clone. I know it should be cloudy like a blue moon. But if i skip the secondary Wont it make it "dirty". Also, What if i ran it through a wine filter before bottling?

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Jul 2009
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Nope wont be dirty at all. If you are worried about too much suspended yeast, then you could cold crash it for a day or two. Also be careful when you are transfering to bottling bucket so as not to agitate all the trub at the bottom.

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Aug 2010
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There are no issues with only using a primary. I never use a secondary, and neither do lots of folks here

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Sep 2007
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For the last 7 or 8 years (been brewing for over 10), I always racked to secondary. Within the last couple of years, I started skipping the secondary and letting it sit a bit longer in primary. I used to go about 2 weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary, bottle/rack. I let it sit about 5-6 weeks in primary, then bottle. All is well.

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Apr 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
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If you want it to turn out more like Blue Moon than not, then don't filter. If you did filter, you would end up with a clear wheat beer, which is uncommon though not unheard of.

For all the wheats I've ever made, I've gone 7 to 14 days in primary (as soon as I confirm fermentation is done with hydrometer readings), then straight to bottle or keg without cold crashing. Wheats ferment relatively quickly and do not require anywhere near as much conditioning as most other beers; in fact, I find they seem to be better young and lose flavor as they age. It's not uncommon for a wheat beer to go from brew day to pint glass within 10-14 days.

As KPR said, don't agitate the trub to get the cloudiness; the suspended wheat protein will provide that. You can cold crash if you'd like, but it really isn't necessary.

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Feb 2010
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No secondaries here. Except to dry hop or add spices.
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Feb 2010
Louisville, CO
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I only use secondaries as good storage space for big beers that need extra time to mellow/balance, thus opening up primaries for fresh brews.

Currently in secondary are a Barleywine and a Belgian Trippel.

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Dec 2009
Debary, Florida
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As far as getting 'dirty' beer ...are you trying to bottle right out of the primary fermentor? If so, you really should use a bottling bucket. Sanitize it, put your boiled sugar at the bottom, rack on top of it to mix it evenly, then bottle out of that and you'll avoid sucking up yeast and trub.

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Actually. This is the MOST discussed topics on here, already. There are literally THOUSANDS of threads discussing, debating, arguing, and explaining. There's nothing we can discuss that will be any different than has already been discussed on here.

My suggestion, rather than re-invent the wheel is to read what's on here already.

May I suggest that you read this thread which pretty much is the most up to date discussion of the topic on here.

To Secondary or Not? John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff Weigh In.

Read it in it's entirity and you'll know everything you need to and more.

My real suggestion is to stop thinking about it or reading about it, just try each way on your next two batches of beer, Secondary one, primary another for a month. And come to your own conclusions.

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Wow Revvy, that post was cool as a summers eve

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