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Nov 2010
Ada, MI
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So there's this restaurant franchise. I'm not sure how widespread it is, but it has two locations by me. It caters to college students and others without taste or money; needless to say, I, as a recent college grad, have been compelled to go there by social circumstance several times.

I tried ordering food there. I did not receive food; I received the very elements of madness. Though I could see how that much salt and grease could be addictive, hence the popularity.

And so I tried ordering beer there. Choices were distressingly thin. But I tried getting a Stella Artois; at least better than a Bud Light, I figured.
They served me a Bud Light (or perhaps Coors; who can really tell the difference?) in a Stella glass, at Stella prices.

Perhaps a fluke, I thought. And so I went again, another time, another social necessity. I ordered a Blue Moon, and actually got it. Success?

I went again, and saw they had Samuel Adams Octoberfest. Jackpot! I ordered it.

They gave me a cup which contained:
1). 30% Samuel Adams Octoberfest;
2). 65% Tap Water;
3). And 5% Grenadine, for sweetness.

It was terrible. Fortunately, I have not been compelled to return since.

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Jul 2009
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it's a national chain, and here in texas, the wings are good, as they should be. we all carry guns here in the wild west
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Dec 2009
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I really like Buffalo Wild Wings. I've never had a problem there and really like the food. Sorry that your experiences there haven't been good. Sounds like a problem with that location and not the entire national chain. Just sayin'.

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Mar 2010
Oklahoma City
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I like BWW too. Their beer selection isn't massive by any means, but I always thought the food was pretty solid for what it is. Maybe poor management at the location near you?

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Sep 2008
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Yeah, F them. They took away the Weck. The Weck!!!!
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Aug 2010
Lincolnton, NC
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Yeah the beer selection here isn't great but they have decent Sam Adams or New Belgium specials every week here in NC... And no restaurants or bars have great wings here in central NC so their chain recipe wings stack up pretty well against the competition. Must just be a thing where you live.
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Originally Posted by lumpher View Post
it's a national chain, and here in texas, the wings are good, as they should be. we all carry guns here in the wild west
Amen to that! I always get spot on wings at BWW, we also pack in AZ, maybe that is the key? the beer selection here is pretty ok, nothing to write home about, but I go for the wings, I deal with the beer.
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Sep 2010
Dyer,IN, Indiana
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Sounds like you just had a horrible bartender

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May 2009
Lansing, Michigan
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Originally Posted by jmo88 View Post
Yeah, F them. They took away the Weck. The Weck!!!!
lol...yeah they've never been the same since they dropped that third W (when I was a kid it was BW3). But I was about 15 when that happened, so what do I know...

their beer selection does suck tho.

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Nov 2006
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Horrible place. Ordered wings and they came out ROOM TEMP. I said something to the waiter, and instead of fixing it, he said "that's how we serve it." Really?? You serve food at ROOM TEMP?

How long did those things have to sit outside the fryer to get back to room temp and dripping with cold grease?

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