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Man, I love this pot. I used it for a partial mash kit I brewed on Saturday, and it worked great. The pot perfectly spans two burners on my stove top, so I was able to have a little over 6 gallons at a full rolling boil, which wouldn't have been possible in my other 6 gallon pot because it is narrower.

I also timed how long it took to get to mash in temps and then to boiling. I tested this with about 12 gallons in the pot. I wanted to build up a layer of oxidation, and I figured I might as well time it. Keep in mind that this was on my electric stove top in my apartment, with the pot sitting on two burners at once.

Started at 120F with the hot water from the tap.
28min to 166F
58min to 212F, or boiling

That isn't bad at all considering this was all inside, in one pot. I just ordered the ingredients for my first all grain batch, I cannot wait. I am going to do BIAB.
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Originally Posted by Homebrewtastic View Post
I think a more pertinent question is where is AB and Miller Coors getting all of their horse urine?
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Originally Posted by Flomaster View Post

mind you im very noobish and have been reading non-stop for 3 days now I have plenty of questions and have tried searching out my answers,but some times it becomes very fuzzy.

I think i want to use a counterflow chiller method described in this thread

would I be able to apply the solder type fittings described in this thread to my pot?
I'd go with a weld-less fitting from Bargain Fittings.

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Just picked up one of these today at HD for $28 bucks. at that price, its damn near free. I might buy another at that price, just to have a spare. its a little thinner guage aluminum than the the 40 quart aluminum pot I currently use, but it fits nicely on top of my natural gas hurricane burner. this is going to work great, so i can now brew 10 gallon batches, and reduce how often i have to brew i had been trying to locate a used 15 gallon keg to convert , but they are hard to come buy. now I just need to find a bigger brew bucket/barrell .
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Picked up the only one they had left which was the display model for $20 just now...
I may actually have enough to do 10gal AG batches now w00t!

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I can't get these locally, if anyone has an extra or could pick one up, please PM me. Thanks!

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yeah, ditto - even with shipping it's a better deal than I can find locally.
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Originally Posted by bfeucht View Post
At two Home Depots in the Seattle area I have seen Brinkmanns aluminum 60QT Boiling Pot on sale for $61 which is half off normal price. I figured I would share as it seems like a good price for a HLT or mashtun.

Here is the link to the Home Depot item

Just got this same one on clearance... $29.

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