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Cape Brewing
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I wouldn't say "never" at all... yeah, I totally agree that with today's modified malts, steps aren't the necessity they used to be but I always step my mashes that contain any significant amount of wheat. I have been doing beta glucan rests at about 100 just to keep the mash fluid and then, since I'm already down that path, I'll do a protein rest as well.

I don't do a ton of them but I wouldn't say "never" at all.

And pnh2atl... I'm not sure I understnad your question 100%.... are you asking if RIMS and HERMS systems, by their nature, are "better": for large batches?

No expert at all but I would think they would have the advantage of eliminating the stratification of temp in the mash... and the larger the mash volume, the more stratification I would think you would get.... so... my theory would be that these two systems would be better suited for larger batches.

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I was wondering if at some point a batch gets to big for either. Or is one is better for large batches 2bbl plus lets say.

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Originally Posted by dutch101st View Post
I just did a complete overhaul/rebuild of my operation:


I decided to go HERMS soley because of the scorch wort risk and my inability to do anything with electrical other than lighting myself up (mans gotta know his limits)...so building a PID was out of the question.

ALthough I do like the RIMS approach as well...
Well, leave it to me to change my mind...I am going to go with a RIMS for a while...will see how it goes. I didn't really like how my HERMS turned out, but now I am going to be able to do both here soon.

New control panel and doing PID/Temp control the way it should be done.
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With my tendency to burn things, I have been using HERMS to some degree. I have a two pot system and have been using the BK as an HLT. Of course, this presents some problems, like where to poor the liquid off to. As a result, I've been using my mixing bucket as a storage vessel, but I really do not like filling a plastic bucket with hot water. Oh yes, and I am all electric.

I have been working on improving that setup for the last few months, including changing all my fittings out to tri-clamps and adding a third bucket to the batch. However, for some reason, my mind just can't let go of using my BK as an HLT and just using my HLT as a storage vessel. Although, I think I have been convincing myself not to do that with my rebuild.

I bring all of this up to throw the combined CFC HERMS + RIMS into the mix of options here. What I am looking at doing is as follows:

* CFC between HLT and MT, two pumps, circulate both past each other.
* Depending on the rate at which the system can step up, I may add a RIMS after the CFC going back to the MT, so the RIMS is doing minimal work to increase the wort temp that last few degrees. Alternatively, I could put it before, but it seems like I would have to guess at what temp rise I could get out of the CFC and then have the RIMS raise to just before that, so after just seems simpler because I can test the temperature between the CFC and RIMS and after the RIMS and have the RIMS heat accordingly.
* All else fails, use the BK to bring an extra gallon or two up and toss it in to raise the mash temperature faster, but I doubt that would be necessary.

I know, overkill, at that point I probably should have gone to steam, but steam and pressure scare me.

So, other than the overkill and cost, I am sure someone can tell me why this is a dumb idea.

Keep in mind, I am still thinking about it, my first step here is to update my pots and go to a full three vessel setup with CFC HERMS. Then to add the RIMS as necessary.
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Interesting posts and thank you to all that have. I am in the process of having to choose RIMS or HERMS. Building an electric system is something I think I am going to do.

Thanks for all of the information.

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