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Hi all... I plan on doing my 1st lager soon and have a question about the starter. When making the starter do I make it at the temp it's going to ferment at or at room temp? .... More stupid questions to follow.. ) Thanks

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Jan 2009
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Room temp is fine, you are making yeast not beer ;-) Chill and decant it anyway so you pitch just the yeast slurry.

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Room temp is fine.

jaja said your making yeast, not beer. But sometimes you can do both. I started with a 2L WLP833 starter. With it, I made a 5gallon American lite lager. I pour off 500ml of the yeast cake for a Munich Dunkel. The Dunkel made enough yeast for the Doppelbock.

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As noted above, you'll need to make a big starter if you want to pitch the right amount. I just started growing up the yeast for my first lager, brewing a bock on Saturday. I've stepped it up a couple of times already and will be stepping it up again to two gallons tonight. Man, these lager starters take some work!
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