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oh...yeah I was talking to poobah. Nevertheless, any help with this style is greatly appreciated.

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What about the results with S-04?

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Is this based on Lawson's Chinooker'd?

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Yes, that's where I got the idea from. Love that stuff. Not sure if it's a clone but it's a really nice beer!
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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
Giving this a shot right now. Used flaked rye instead of the rye malt. Also added some centennial in the late additions to make the hop flavor a little more complex and fruity. I also got rid of the mash and FWH and just added them to the 60m addition.
I see that its been a few years now but how did your batch turn out? Why did you go with flaked rye over rye malt?

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Originally Posted by Adirondack47 View Post
I see that its been a few years now but how did your batch turn out? Why did you go with flaked rye over rye malt?
I think I had the flaked rye from another beer.

This rye was good as far as I remember. I went through 5 or 6 rye IPAs and ended up liking the Denny Conn Wry Smile rye IPA best.


Here's my notes from that 2011 batch:

Had some problems with mash temps. Mashed at 140 for about an hour, then raised to 150 for 30 more minutes.

[5jan11] measured 1.020. Kinda high / thick for an IPA. Could add sugar to knock it down a bit, but at the expense of possible alcohol hotness. Flavor is nice, not too much bitterness. Good flavor. I think I'll like this one. I'm not getting the pine out of the chinook, odd. I do get a bit of bubblegum though, which is very very nice. Very nice taste on this one, but a bit thick. Oh yea, that's not bubblegum, that's the rye, duh! I likes!

[12JAN12] measured 1.019
- Andrew

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