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Mar 2010
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What are you guys using? There are a lot out there, and many are cheap and crap. I was using a mercury filled one for that, and my cooling temps, but cooling so rapidly seems to have messed it up. There are now spots of mercury all along the length of the tube that did not drop with the bulk of the mercury as the temp decreased.

Thoughts? I would like to use it for mash temps, and cooling temps.

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Jul 2008
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I use a floating dairy thermometer for mash temp and a fermometer when cooling (slap it on the kettle once it feels cool to the touch). Simplicity has won out over other methods/equipment.
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I picked up one of these at Target for about $15 or so. I just drilled a small hole through the lid of my MLT and drop it in until it's about half way into the mash. Timer is kind of nice, too.

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Aug 2007
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I use a meat thermometer. I think it was made by Good Chef or something like that.
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Feb 2008
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I use a wireless meat thermometer from walmart.

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Aug 2009
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I use a J type thermocouple plugged in to my IR gun. It works well but everyone says that a thermapen is hands down the best. They are also 100 bucks. My IR gun was 150 but has many uses.

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May 2010
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I use a glass lab thermo. Cheap and accurate. I had way to much with digital being different every time I used it. It even has a little loop built in so I can hang it where I want it. ANALOG!!!

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May 2009
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Thermapen. Accept no substitutes. I went through quite a number of thermometers before I finally got one. If I had just gotten a Thermapen to begin with I would have been happier and not wasted probably the same amount on all those crappy ones that either didn't work well or only lasted a couple of batches.

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Old 06-28-2010, 12:20 PM   #9
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Jun 2008
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+1 Thermapen - costly? yes, accurate? yes, fast? yes, worth it? I think so

The only thing I would like to see is an "On" button vs turning on by swinging probe out like a pocket knife. There are times where I have set it down with the probe extended and it does a time out and shuts down. It takes 2 hands to fold and unfold probe again and if I have a spoon or mash paddle in my hand I have to find a place to set it down to activiate the Themapen again. A simple annoyance, but.......

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Aug 2008
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I use a thermapen as well and will never use anything else. I've used many digitals and nothing even compares. It is pricy but to me it is worth it.
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