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Jan 2010
Canberra, Asutralia
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Gluten Free Lager
3kg Liquid Sorghum Syrup
40g Aussie Super Pride hops 15.1 % AA, 28% Cohumulone
1 cup Dextrose
1 packet lager yeast Saflager S23

Get 10L of water to the boil in a 15L pot.

Add 2kg of malted sorghum extract, bring to a gentle boil.

Add 20g of Aussie Pride hops, start timer
at 30 mins add 10g of hops
at 45 minutes slowly stir in 1 kg of sorghum extract and add 1 cup Dextrose
at 60 minutes, take off heat, add 10g hops.

Cool in a tub with ice/water mixture.

Pour cooled liquid into fermenter.

Fill fermenter to 22L with fridge cold pre-boiled water. Try and aerate the wort by filling from a height.

Wait until wort is below 25 C, sprinkle yeast on top.

Store at 12 C, fermenting will probably take around 3 weeks and may take 3 days to start.

After 3 weeks or so check the gravity, if it's the same over 3 days take it out of the fridge and bring to 20 degrees for 2 days (Diacetyl rest). Mine stopped at 1020 for the final 3 days at 12 C , then came down to 1012 after a few hours at 20 C , and stayed there for the rest of the two days.

Add finings:
Dissolve 15g sachet of gelatin into 1 cup hot water.
Draw off 500mL beer, and stir into gelatin mix, add to fermenter.

Bottles primed with dextrose, filled and capped.

Keep bottles in fridge at 12 C for 3 weeks, crash condition at 0 C for 2 weeks.

At bottling it tasted to me like a very bitter, warm, flat lager, with a hint of the sorghum sweetness aftertaste. Will update in a few weeks with carbinated tasting.

I Hope this recipe has been useful for gluten free brewers

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Old 01-19-2010, 10:20 AM   #2
Jan 2010
Canberra, Asutralia
Posts: 14

Allrighty, cracked one open tonight, nicely carbed, a little bit of a head but it dissapated very rapidly, and left no lacing.

It tastes to me like a beer. A VERY bitter beer, but quite refreshing, there is a little of a sour aftertaste, but that's mostly masked by the super bitterness of the hops. Have let a few of my homebrewing mates try it, they did say it was incredibly bitter, but quite a tasty beer.

While it's not really my favourite sort of beer, I reckon it's a decent attempt for a first ever home brew, I think I'll be able to force myself to drink the remaining 21 litres

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