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Sep 2009
Gig Harbor, WA
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I've got 2 oz of whole hops floating in my secondary right now. Should I stir (ok, not stir, but maybe "dunk") them every couple of days or so? Or is the risk/reward of contamination not worth it? Seems like almost half of them, even though they're wet, are just sitting on top of the floating hops and not even contacting my beer. I could have just used 1 oz and probably had the same beer/hops contact.

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I use secondaries. :p
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just let them float there. They are doing their job.
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Jun 2009
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Pellet hops cost less and are better utilized (debatable) during dry hopping. That said I like using the whole hops in the secondary. I make a "hop tea". Search it here on HBT and here.

They do like kinda gross during the dry hop though. Whole hops is definitely prettier.

If I use whole hops I try to brew a 6 gal batch. So when I switch to secondary I get about 5.5 gals. This fills my 5 gal glass (actually holds 5.5 gal) perfectly forcing the whole hops to be "submerged" in the top of the carboy.

You'll get good effects from 2 oz no matter what you do I'm sure.
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Flocculation Nation
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I give the carboy a good swirl to give the hops a thorough exposure to the brew right after dumping them in, but other than that I just leave it do its thing.
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I prefer pellets for dry hopping as they can be easily swirled in the carboy over a few days to make them sink.
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I toss a sanitized stainless steel weight into a hop bag, then add the hops, then toss into the corny. I tie on a length of dental floss to the hop bag, the other end goes onto the keg handle.
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Old 11-27-2009, 05:09 AM   #7
Jun 2009
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The first time I dry hopped I listened to the noobish instructions that came with my kit...it said to put the whole hops in a muslin bag. I'm guessing less than half of them where submerged...it still turned out great though. Delicious aroma from the hops! Next time I won't be using a muslin bag though...they're just gonna float on top.

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Oct 2008
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I'm doing 3 oz of whole leaf hops in secondary right now and I've taken a racking wand and pushed them down into the wort a couple of times. No problems with contamination and hopefully not oxidation, tastes cripplingly good though.

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